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New Year’s Eve ideas when you have kids.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

*This post is from a few years ago I have just tweaked it a little bit. Gone are the days of partying until the early hours, when you have kids it’s not something you do often if at all. When I had my first child I really did discover who my real friends were. I no longer felt the urge to go out and drink myself into oblivion any more, instead I just wanted to be with my own little family.

New Year’s Eve when you have kids can be limiting for those with kids, especially younger ones, but you don’t need to party and drink to have fun. I’m not a big alcohol person, In fact over the last few years I have drank 0 Alcohol and feel great.

Here is a few ideas of what we have enjoyed over the years.

Treat it as any other day.

Previous years our boys have gone to bed at their usual time and Craig and I have stayed up to watch the fireworks on tv with a good old cup of of tea. We would then get up on January 1st and go for a nice walk around the park and do nice family things together to welcome in the new year. We like to have a cooked breakfast, walk in nature and chat whilst the boys run wild and then go for something nice to eat.

Have a games night

We have so many games in this house, set up loads of family favourite board games and spend the evening competing against each other. You could start early and do some outdoor games first. Mocktails in full swing for all to enjoy.

Follow around the world celebrations

Watch the fireworks on tv or online and compare. I really like doing this one. You can find the full list HERE what countries celebrate and when.

Host your own party

Let the kids choose the theme and ring in the new year. Growing up I was used to the parties as my Grandparents house used to the one everyone would be in when the clock struck 12 so we would have loads of food, music and just enjoy the night with the whole street.

Celebrate Noon year instead

Perfect if you have really young kids that would be flat out asleep come 8pm. Why not celebrate at lunch time with kids instead. Have a special lunch and you could even watch fireworks from previous years or watch them in Sydney!

Do hourly family goodie bags

Fill them with different crafts, treats etc, I quite like this idea actually and think the boys would still like this.

Have a movie marathon

Roll out the red carpet, and make a night of it like you are one of the stars with special treats just for new year and have a lot of mocktails to drink your way through.

Other years we would visit local events or even host one ourselves but obviously not happening this year and instead I think we will just relax and watch the fireworks. This year we did have plans to have a few family members over for food and then make our way down to the town centre (Sunderland) and ring in the New Year with the celebrations and fireworks but unfortunately it has been cancelled, so we have decided to just stay in and have a buffet, watch a movie and stick on some music and just spend the night together. If we make it to 12 then it will be a miracle!

I am not even making resolutions this year because no one knows what 2022 has in store for us yet, I just hope we can have a great year visiting attractions and supporting local businesses.

Have a lovely New Years eve and I wish you all the very best for 2022



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