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My top 7 boys Jackets under £40 this Autumn.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We live in Scotland and it rains, a lot. Lately it has rained more than usual, we sometimes get away with coming straight from summer jackets to big winter coats, this year I think we are going to have to invest in some fantastic raincoats for the boys. Clothing especially for boys can be expensive, and when it comes to outerwear the cost can rise. So I have searched the internet for some of the best raincoats for under £40 this Autumn.

Tu by Sainsburys – Orange novelty Fox Rubber Mac. £12.80 .

Matalan – Boys Lightweight Jacket – £12 – £16

Gap – Kids Coldcontrol Puffer £31.47

Muddy Puddles – Puddle Pac Mac £17.47

John Lewis – Light Padded Jacket £30 – £36

M&S – Hooded Crocodile Print Fisherman coat £28 – £32

H&M – Waterproof Padded Jacket £29.99

Those are my top picks for Autumn jackets for boys, Fashion does not have to be expensive when you look in the right place. You could even try some of the Charity shops and see if you can grab some bargains.

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