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My favourite Autumn scented candles for 2019 Blogtober day 15

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

If there is one thing I love that the kids probably get annoyed with, is the amount of candles I own. I love a really great scented candle that you can smell all through the house. Especially scented candles that are specific to certain times of year.

I won’t lie I like to smell Christmas in the house in the middle of spring sometimes!

2019 has got to be the year of the candle, so many brands are now available you are spoilt for choice, the other thing that annoys me is the difference in price between certain brands.

We have also noticed some of the cheaper ones smell better than the more expensive ones too. So that is a great tip, just because it is more expensive does not mean it is better.

My go to scent throughout the year is a lavender Yankee candle not very Autumnal, however it really relaxes me.

My favourite Brand of Candle is Yankee Candle, the scent stays strong and they last ages. Which says to me it is a quality wax with quality scent added.

My favourite Yankee Candles right now

Blackberry Tea – OH MY GOSH! It smells so good. You know when something smells so good you want to eat it? Well this one is like that. £16.79

Ciderhouse ~ Now this one screams Autumn. It smells like spicy apples. Think Apple pie with cinnamon. YUM £16.79

Autumn Glow ~ It is described as being a walk through the forest, I totally agree! It smells like damp crispy Autumnal leaves you find on your forest walk. How do they get the smell so right! £23.99

Farmstead Festival ~ This one smells like warm berries. It is delicious. £16.79

Golden Chestnut ~ This is one that I wouldn’t just randomly buy because I seem to be more drawn to Purple candles. But think Bonfires and Christmas markets, the smell of roasted chestnuts fill the air. This is that one! £16.79

The above are all Large jars os you get around 150 hours of burn time from them.

Those are my favourite Yankee Candles right now (roll on the Christmas ones)!

I also have some other brands that I love just as much and here are some of my favourites.

The White Company Autumn Candle quite fruity but it also reminds me of my grans pear and apple pie she would make once the weather started to get chilly. This one is £20 for a 140g (approximately 33 hours’ burn time).

Woodland walk – Think earthy Fig. this is just an amazing scent to me and it brings the outdoors in. I love it. £16 for 140g (approximately 28 hours’ burn time)

Now not somewhere you would automatically think to look for candles but honestly, trust me.

B&Ms Heritage collection

Heritage candles sell for around £5 for an xl one but I heard from a little birdy that the amazing Spiced Berry is on for £1 ! How amazing is that. It actually smells amazing too and lasts quite a while. Hopefully they have some left when I get to my local store.

Also don’t forget to check out your local supermarket, they sometimes have some great deals on candles and Morrisons do a pretty wicked collection which smells fantastic.

These are my favourites right now. I am willing to try some new brands if you have any recommendations?

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