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My 2019 Bucket List 201 Ideas

I don't usually do bucket lists because the last time I did years ago, I ended up disappointed that I didn't complete it. This year I really want to give it another go with quite a large list some things totally doable, others not so much. I think everyone should have a yearly bucket list full of things that they really want to achieve in a year even if you don't manage them all it still gives you something to work towards. Some of the things on my list I have done before but want to do them again.

Here is my humongous list!

1) Move house - This will be later in the year 2019 as we plan to buy a large farm

2) Take up a new hobby outside of the house

3) Try a new craft for the month

4) Learn more Bushcraft

5) Learn a new language

6) Day date with with Craig once per week

7) Get fit again.

8) Disneyland for Halloween

9) Go to at least 3 different Circus shows

10) Visit Longleat Safari park

11) Write an Ebook

12) Practise more Yoga

13) Get some Rescue goats

14) Get some Rescue chickens

15) Make a crochet blanket

16) Practise better self care

17) Explore The Scottish Highlands

18) Bake a cake once per week

19) Fall in love with Photography again

20) Read one book a month

21) Grow a tomato plant ( We did this last year but they blew away in the storm)

22) Create a Bee and Butterfly friendly garden

23) Explore a cave

24) Kiss in the rain

25) Learn sign language

26) Watch the sunrise and sunset in one day

27) Bake a loaf of bread

28) Do something for a charity

29) Write a children's book

30) Be a zookeeper for the day

31) Make my own beauty product

32) Have a tech free day once per month

33) Go to the theatre

34) See a musical

35) Cinema once per month ( We have already been doing this for the last year)

36) Get a baby sitter and get dressed up go for a nice posh meal and stay in a hotel for the night.

37) Visit Lapland

38) Visit a German Christmas market in Germany

39) Go whale watching

40) New York for Christmas

41) Go ice skating once per month

42) Visit more attractions in the uk ( see my attraction )

43) Teach Iris to dance (My youngest dog)

44) Go for a long walk everyday

45) Go scuba diving

46) See the northern lights

47) Visit the Galapagos Islands

48) Send a message in a bottle

49) Grow sunflowers

50) Take an online class

51) Go camping more

52) Adopt a shelter animal

53) Watch IMDB'S top 250 movie list

54) Try at least 20 new foods

55) Get my hair cut ( Simple I know but I really hate getting my hair cut! )

56) Name a star

57) Cut our plastic waste even more

58) Complete my one picture every day for a year

59) Go meat free for 2 days per week

60) Find a penpal

61) Learn to play an instrument

62) Join Postcrossing

63) Build an igloo

64) Build a snowman

65) Read a holy book

66) Paint a picture

67) Learn to say hello in 26 languages

68) Plant a tree

69) Go to a concert with Craig

70) Make ice cream

71) Make root beer ( Non alcoholic)

72) Write a poem

73) Break a world record

74) Picnic in the park

75) Sit on a horse again ( I used to Horse ride until I was thrown from one which made me terrified to ride)

76) Join a club

77) Donate to an animal shelter

78) Learn a new self defence

79) Buy something from an auction that we need

80) Make an origami crane

81) Raise a butterfly

82) Visit Local events

83) Watch at least 2 documentaries per week

84) Have a hot stone massage

85) Total detox

86) Eat nothing but fruit and veg for a week

87) Make something from papier mache

88) Write down any regrets then burn them

89) Make pickle

90) Make jam

91) Learn how to use my new sewing machine ( I prefer old Singer machines)

92) Go skiing

93) Massage night once per month

94) Swim with dolphins

95) Make cheese

96) See a cirque du soleil show

97) Learn tai chi

98) Spend a week in London

99) Grow the business

100) Build a treehouse with the boys

101) Go on a bike ride

102) Build a sandcastle

103) Go to an Ice hockey game

104) Go to WWE Raw Live

105) Play frisbee

106) Find a double rainbow

107) Attend countryfile live

108) Add a lock to lovers bridge

109) Sleep under the stars

110) Moonlight Swim

111) Learn about knots

112) Buy a Ford Ranger

113) Make lemonade

114) Keep a nature journal for a year and get it published

115) Participate in a community event

116) Make a mandala

117) Watch Carnations change colour

118) Spend the weekend in the Lake District

119) Afternoon tea at the Ritz

120) Apply to be an extra in a tv show

121) Learn to drive

122) Celebrate a Hindu holiday

123) Explore a waterfall

124) Write down what I am grateful of everyday

125) Explore Scotland's west coast by rail

126) Visit Stonehenge

127) Try a deep fried Mars bar

128) Complete a maize maze

129) Hunt for fossils

130) Fly a kite

131) Go to a hot air balloon event

132) Explore more marine biology ( My career choice when I was younger) Love it!

133) Have an owl/falconry experience day

134) Visit a jousting event

135) Visit Moscow

136) Get my nose re pierced

137) Get a tattoo

138) Have a sitcom marathon

139) Conquer a fear

140) Decorate the house

141) Lear how to tarot

142) Spend the full day outside

143) Make a hawaiian punch

144) Catch fireflies

145) Buy a hot tub

146) Visit Chester zoo lantern parade

147) Put mentos in diet coke with the boys

148) Bet on a horse race

149) Go to blackpool for the weekend

150) Have one family day per month with no tech

151) Visit every city in Scotland

152) Eat better - Try to cut out as much sugar and processed food as I can

153) Start a Kids club (Gardening, Art, book club)

154) Learn the Maori Language and heritage (Im part Maori)

155) Learn about Beekeeping

156) Go on a husky sledge ride

157) Meditate

158) Learn how to blow glass

159) Make a sculpture

160) Take a photo of lightning

161) Go to a comic con

162) Try indoor skydiving

163) Go on a helicopter ride

164) Go on a road trip

165) Try sand surfing

166) Ride a segway

167) Go to a monster truck show

168) Take an underwater picture

169) Go barefoot for the day

170) Watch a meteor shower

171) Become a blood donor

172) Buy a meal for a homeless person

173) Donate to the local food bank

174) Volunteer for a full day

175) Go to a Rugby match (Pref All Blacks)

176) Take a long boat ride (I hate boats)

178) Don't buy myself any new clothes for the year

179) Start pilates

180) Reach 2000 followers on Twitter

181) Write a recipe book

182) Complete a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle

183) Make a time capsule

184) Write a letter to my future self

185) Go on a ghost hunt

186) Do 50 random acts of kindness

187) Take a candlelight bubble bath

188) Send a care package

189) Attend a charity walk

190) Re new my first aid certificate

191) Start a petition

192) Win something

193) Keep a scrapbook

194) Eat breakfast everyday

195) Hug a giant tree

196) Learn a new dance

197) Grow a Herb garden

198) Grow lavender and make oil

199) Have a campfire, s'mores and stories

200) Grow wildflowers

201) Ban negativity

WOW there it is. My 200 long list of Bucket list wants for 2019. Now to start planning to work through it!

What are you hoping to achieve in 2019?

Kelly X



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