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Moving home Tips when you have kids.

Moving home can be daunting but exciting, we have moved home way more than I would like and over the years have picked up on things that make the move easier for the kids.

We have now moved back to the city after living in the Scottish Countryside for just over three years. It has been an adventure that we have all loved and enjoyed but the city just offers more for the boys so it makes sense to move back. So much more in terms of opportunities for them right now.


  1. Keep a seperate box for video games,tablets,laptops etc that way you know where they are and you can move this box at the last minute. Don’t forget the chargers.

  2. Once you have packed a box tape it shut. We have found Elliot in the past raking through boxes that had been packed and then it would need packing again.

  3. Have a clear out as you pack. Clothes,toys,books send them all to the charity shop.

  4. Leave them with a family member on moving day. If they can’t help, then they are better at grannies on moving day especially the younger ones.

  5. Keep out a few activity books and colouring books to keep them busy whilst you pack.

  6. Try not to get too stressed about the move, if you are stressed they are stressed. If you feel like you need a break then take the break.

  7. Make Lists to keep yourself on track.

  8. Leave yourself plenty of time to pack so that you are not running around a few days before the move packing. I find two weeks before is more than enough time to pack a medium sized 4 bed house.

  9. Pack toys whilst they are asleep and tape the box up. Or you will be packing and repacking.

  10. Write on the box which room it goes into. That way you can get the kiddies rooms sorted straight away.

  11. Keep a Suitcase for each child with a few of there favourites in such as teddy,toy,books,clothing.

  12. Research. We find researching the area we are moving too helps them settle in quicker. We look at schools,after school clubs, attractions close by and local parks.

  13. Most importantly be honest with them. Let them know what is going on straight away and keep them in loop.

Happy new house!

Moving Home


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