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Make the most of English Heritage Membership by visiting some of our favourite North East Properties

We have been English Heritage members for well over 10 years now. It is safe to say that we have been to lots of English Heritage Properties, some more than once. I have picked my favourite 10 from our list to feature. We are planning on venturing further and using our annual passes this year so look out for more adventures. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see photos from other English Heritage Properties we have been to.

We always purchase a guide book whenever we visit an English Heritage property and we have an impressive collection now. Elliot also enjoys collecting the pop badges and a neat trick is to use a lanyard to collect them on.

Norham Castle

Norham Castle is one of my favourites to visit. We used to live a short drive away in the borders and would visit regularly. Norham Castle is sat high on a grassy mound with some fab views of the River Tweed. You can go up onto a few levels.

There are no facilities here, the nearest toilets are in the village just around the corner from the community hall. There's also a bakers, shop, pub/restaurant which has the most interesting addition to the women's toilet. (A well) You can make a day of it if you wander around the village and take a river walk. Alternatively you could do half the day here and half a day in Berwick.

Mount Grace Priory

We have only been here the once and it was a great afternoon. There are ruins to explore and a lovely garden. I have been told you can sometimes go in the house, this was closed on our last visit but we are heading back soon, so I will investigate this in more detail.

Hylton Castle

Hylton Castle has recently been reopened after extensive repairs to what was once a crumbling castle. We have visited a few times now and it is really interesting to see the building inside and listen to the stories. You do need to book tickets for this one and it is a guided tour. There are toilets and a café with a large play park and a walk. You could kill a good few hours here.

Tynemouth Priory

I really like visiting Tynemouth Priory, the views are fantastic and there's actually quite a bit to explore. Once one of the largest fortified areas in England. Overlooking the North Sea and River Tyne you get some amazing views. Lots of fab eateries and so on in the area, toilets and shop in Tynemouth Priory.

Finchale Priory

Finchale holds lots of memories for me personally, as I used to spend time here with my Dad when I was little. We would paddle in the river, explore the abbey and go for walks.

Finchale Priory sits on the banks of the River Wear surrounded by woodlands. It was founded in 1196 and functioned as a retreat for the monks of Durham.

Belsay Hall, Castle & Grounds

We visit Belsay a lot, although we haven't been for a while so I think a visit is due. Lots to explore here including the Hall, a gorgeous walk to the castle and a second hand book shop. There is also a café and toilets.

Chester's Roman Fort

When we head up to Hadrian's Wall we always head along to Chesters. It is always a great place to kill a few hours. I love heading down to the river and just sitting.

Middleham Castle

A fairly new one for us. We visited Middleham Castle and it was full of history surrounding Richard III. The village is lovely however the toilets are well hidden down a back lane, so keep an eye out.

Rievaulx Abbey

Rievaulx Abbey is one of my favourite English Heritage Properties. In fact I usually choose the Abbey and Rievaulx Terrace (National Trust) as my birthday day out. It is massive and super impressive.

Lanercost Priory

This is where our English Heritage membership started all those years ago! We try to visit at least once a year. Look at how young the boys are! Look out for the creepy baby Tomb. You can also pop into Mary Magdalene Church next door too. Toilets on site.

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Other English Heritage Properties we have been to include.

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Prudhoe Castle

Auckland Deer House (You can not go in but you can walk around the house)

Brinkburn Priory

Corbridge Roman Town

Warkworth Castle

Barnard Castle

Edlingham Castle (and Church)

Housesteads Roman Fort

Whitby Abbey

Brough Castle

Byland Abbey

Pickering Castle

Etal Castle

Kirkham Priory

Carlisle Castle

Wharram Percy ( Not suitable for those with mobility issues or pushchairs)

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