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January Check in, A look back over 2023 and Dates for the diary

Here we are again, it is January and I am sharing my check in and what's to come post. I feel like time is going by super quickly. I realised it was 20 years since I left high School and that is just so weird to me.

First of all I am going to share a quick look back over 2023 before heading into our 2024 check in.

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We headed on holiday to wales which was somewhere we had been wanting to visit and I am so glad we managed to finally get there. It is 100% somewhere I want to explore further. We had a fantastic much needed week away and enjoyed some of the best attractions we have been too in years. We really did enjoy the whole week. You can read about our Wales holiday HERE

We were invited to stay at the gorgeous Budle Bay Croft which is just stunning, ran by amazing people and I just loved the night away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They also do the most amazing pizzas including a sweet pizza which was delicious.

You can read about it HERE

We had birthdays, including our Grannie who turned 80 in December. The dogs have been great and we celebrated 10 years with Summer who is still going strong, although has slowed down a tad. Iris turned 5 which is crazy and I can not believe how quick that has gone by.

We had lots of lovely fun family days out including:

Lots of walks

Karting with Teamsport

Ripon Museums

A week in wales

Richmond castle


Lakes cruises

Kielder observatory

Thorp Perrow

Cuddled goats with west barn

Visited Palely Bridge


Blackpool zoo


Kiplin Hall


and lots lots more.

The Boys

Adam is almost finished his second year at College and has been offered a place at his first choice Uni which is super exciting. He is almost finished his driving lessons and he started a really good job making some money to give him a bit more life experiences and some funds to save up.

Toby is almost finished his GCSEs, he knows what he wants to do in College but has yet to decide on which college he wants to go too. He has come on really well with everything actually and we are excited to see where his next steps take him.

Elliot has been a busy little bee with Home Ed work and meeting his little group of home ed friends and he still attends Scouts which he loves, he has so many badges and awards now he is going to need a second shirt!


We created a lovely wildlife haven in our yarden and even made a pond which ended up with some kind of water snail living in it. We enjoyed lots of lovely birds, bugs and butterflies. Winter we haven't done anything with the plants and have just left everything because we have just been so busy and we have been focusing on other things.

The Blog

We have worked our socks off this year with the blog and have been so happy with its progress especially on Facebook. Instagram continues to be a thorn in my side and I am determined to crack it. Last year I set a target of 30k by Christmas and I as type this I need 300 more to get that 30k on FB! We took on some writers to help out when we are too busy or its things to cover that are too young for us. We are really going to utilise having a team in 2024 to bring lots more reviews and ideas for the whole family to suit all ages. I am excited for a brand new year of Adventures. I have had a good think about the blog over the last few weeks and have some mega plans for 2024

2024 Plans

Nothing is set in stone for 2024, we are mainly just going to wing it and see where the new year takes us.

We do have a few plans in place such as:

Our Plans

We are expanding and will be adding lots more to the blog for 2024 please do keep an eye out for these exciting times ahead. Socials and building following is a priority especially on Instagram which is one of the biggest pains in my side ever, a lot of other "Influencers" Have bought followers and its obvious, I have never done this and I don't tend to do it either! I want real followers so I have plans in place to start growing organically. Facebook is just flying lately and I am so grateful for everyone that follows our adventures.

The boys will be turning 12, 16 & 18 so we do have a few plans for celebrations, mainly family meals and lots of treats.

Holidays are coming along nicely and we have agreed on a week in London to enjoy the attractions in and near. For December we are hoping to head to Germany to enjoy a proper Christmas market. I feel like the North East is just lacking in authentic German style markets. We are hoping to get away in the summer too but No plans just yet because we can't decide where, plus we need to see how money is and then decide. If we do go away though, we quite fancy Tunisia.


So for 2024 I really want to focus on my fitness. Self care is one of my top priorities and I will be coming up with ways to focus on myself. Craig and I will also be dedicating at least one day a month to have a proper date night. I will be going back to having the full weekend off and schedule posts on socials on a Friday so I can do this. I find it so important to have a bit of a break or I end up burnt out. On my weekends off I enjoy reading, crafting, baking, watching movies, game nights, going to football games and just spending time as a family.

Resoloutions / things I want to do in 2024

I get asked this a lot and to be honest my reply is exactly the same each year. I don't really do Resolutions because no one ever sticks to them. Again for 2024 I will be kinder to myself and have more of a can do attitude instead of being a negative Nancy sometimes.

We will be having our January clear out, something we have done every year for a while now. I like to be clutter free, however Home education comes with clutter. So areas to focus on this year will be books that are no longer needed, board game clear out, toy clear out ( not that they have many toys as they don't really play with much now)

I really want to continue with a nature journal, in 2023 I did this for the first few months and then for some reason give up so I really want to do this for the full year. We have set up a few challenges for us to do in 2024 which you can find out more on socials when we announce them. I still haven't published a book. So for 2024 I will be publishing my children's book and will be working on my cookery book series to hopefully get the first book published next year.

December is such a busy month for us so my weekends off have not been happening at all lately and I want to go back to having a break. I want to get back into my photography again which I have fallen out of love with lately. We have so many plans for 2024 in terms of getting out and about that I am turning it into a series on the blog so I do hope you follow us and enjoy it.

Movies to look forward too in 2024 include:

Sesame street the musical - 19th February

Kung Fu Panda 4 - 8th March

Ghostbusters frozen empire - 29th March

Mickey 17 - 29th March

Godzilla x Kong the new empire - 12th April

The Garfield Movie - 24th March

Inside Out 2 - 14th June

Despicable me 4 - 3rd July

Mufasa the lion king - 5th July

Venom 3 - 12th July

Twisters - 19th July

Beetlejuice 2 - 6th September

Transformers one - 13th September

Wicked - 27th November

The Karate Kid Sequel - 13th December

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - 20th December

Dates for the diary

There are lots more dates throughout the year but these are the ones I think I can do something with and take part. I will also use some of the below to do extra learning with Elliot


1st New Years Day / Start of Veganuary /International Self Care day

5th National Whipped Cream Day

6th National Bean Day

15th Brew Monday

17th Museum Selfie day

19th National Popcorn Day

21st World Snow Day

23rd National Pie Day

25th Burns Night

27th National Chocolate cake day

28th National Lego Day

29th National Puzzle day

30th National Croissant day


1st Black History Month

4th British Yorkshire pudding Day

7th Safer Internet Day

9th National Pizza Day

10th Lunar New Year

13th Pancake Day

14th International Book Giving Day

20th National Love your pet day


1st Women's History Month / world candle day

2nd Teen Mental health day

4th British Pie Week

10th Mothers Day

14th Pi Day

20th Spring Equinox

21st International Day Of Forests

23rd National Puppy Day

27th World Theatre Day

29th Good Friday

30th Earth Hour

31st Easter Sunday


1st April fools day / national sourdough bread day

2nd International Children's Book Day

3rd National Walking day

4th International Carrot day

10th National Siblings day

18th National Poetry Day

21st National Tea Day

22nd Earth Day

23rd World Book Day

25th World Penguin day

27th International Sculpture day


2nd Harry Potter day / world tuna day

5th Cinco De Mayo / World Laughter day

11th Fair Trade Day

17th Endangered species day

18th International Museum day

19th Baking day

20th National Rescue dog day / World Bee Day / tea day

23rd Turtle Day


1st Reef awareness day

3rd World Bicycle day

4th Cheese day

5th Environment day

8th world oceans day

16th Fathers day / National Fudge day

18th Picnic day

20th World refugee day

21st Take your dog to work day / yoga day

22nd World Rainforest day

27th National Bingo day / Pineapple day

29th National Camera day

30th International Asteroid day


1st Joke day

2nd UFO day

16th World snake day


1st Lammas day

8th international cat day

11th National son & Daughter day

14th World lizard day

17th Geocaching day

18th Fajita day

26th National dog day

30th Beach day


2nd World coconut day

6th Read a book day

13th Roald dahl day

18th National Cheeseburger day

19th Talk like a pirate day

21st National Chai day

22nd Hobbit Day / Rhino Day / Rivers day

24th Gorilla day

28th Rabbit day


1st World Vegetarian day / music day

4th National Taco day / world animal day / space week

6th Grandparents day

7th Habitat day / architecture day

8th Fungus day

20th Sloth Day

21st Back to the future day / Reptile day / apple day

26th Pumpkin day

31st Halloween / Samhain


1st Diwali / world vegan day / day of the dead

5th Bonfire night / Redhead day

19th Monopoly day

28th Thanksgiving (for those who celebrate)

29th Buy nothing day


2nd National Mutt day / International day for the abolition of slavery

3rd Giving Tuesday

4th Wildlife conservation day

5th International Volunteer day

8th National Brownie day

10th Human Rights day / Nobel prize day / animal rights day

11th Mountain day / UNICEF birthday

14th Monkey day

21st Yule / Winter solstice

24th Christmas Eve

25th Christmas

31st New Years Eve

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