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I'm Bored Bucket - Indoor edition.

I previously shared a post last year about ideas you could pop into a bucket during the summer holidays, mainly because the kids will at some point say mum i'm so bored give me ideas of things to do.

So we came up with a bucket and we wrote some fun things down on some lolly sticks (you can do this on paper or card) and when they tell me they are bored, that's when the bucket comes out and they can choose something.

I didn't want to reshare that post right now, because some of the things on that particular list involved leaving the house, and obviously right now we need to be avoiding unnecessary travel. So I have put together an indoor edition of ideas to at least try and keep the kiddies entertained during this difficult time.


Picnic - In the garden or in the living room.

Arts & Crafts


Board Games


Make Lemonade

Make Jelly

Create a comic strip

Go bug hunting (if you have a garden)

Puppet show

Magic show

Treasure hunt

Potato painting

Make your own board game

Hide & Seek

Plant some seeds and record the progress


Watch a movie

Play a musical instrument

Research a topic and do a poster/fact file

Go for a walk (stick with government guidelines)


Build a den

Make playdough

Make salt dough

Make slime

Make your own short movie

Pasta jewellry

Tie dye some old shirts

Cloudwatch - what patterns can you see?

Have a bear hunt

Paint a story on stones

Science experiments

Chalk the garden

Make bird feeders

Make bug hotels

Make suncatchers

Write to penpals

Nerf gun wars

Lego challenge

Bottle bowling

Make a sock puppet

1 hour on video games

Write a poem

Make a bookmark

Do a jigsaw

Indoor obstacle course

Interview each other

Papier mache

Write a letter to the queen

Draw a picture for the residents of a local care home

Sort out your toys

Race your cars

Have a staring contest

Make magic wands

Draw each other

Alphabet challenge

Play catch

Write a song

I think the list above will keep you busy for a little while and you can always add in or take away things.



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