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How to create the perfect bug friendly garden.

Bugs. Some people love them, some people hate them. But did you know that bugs serve a purpose to our ecosystems? It is important to look after our smaller creatures, through some simple changes to our gardens. Bees and Butterflies are on the ultimate downward spiral. I have personally seen a lack of Butterflies over the last few years and Bees are not found very often either like they used to be. More people are using harmful products in the garden which is not very inviting to the little critters we so desperately need to save from extinction. Simple steps can invite them back into your garden and save them.

Flowers.Bees and Butterflies need flowers to feed, they do this by visiting flowers, sucking the sweet nectar, as they bounce from one flower to the next they pollinate as they go around, a much needed process to ensure that flower grows and keeps coming back for years to come providing much needed food.You can find packs of ready made friendly flowers in stores but my favourite is a simple wildflower mix. This offers lots of choice and plenty of attracting colours.Lavender is one of my favourites to have in the garden, it smells so divine. Plant lavender under the windows, it helps keep spiders out of the house.

Long Grass If you are lucky to have a decent size garden, can you offer a patch of long grass? It doesn’t have to be a huge offering.This is perfect for some bugs and creatures to nest, feed and hide in.

Create a home for BeesNow I am not saying you need to go out and invest in a hive, a much simpler, easier option that kids can get involved in is to use an upside down plant pot. Use the terracotta ones with a hole in the bottom. This is a perfect “door” for the bee. Fill it with grass cuttings, and half bury it in soil or long grass.

Food We regularly place food outside for various animals, living on a farm we get an array of visitors. Butterflies love fruit, slice an orange and put a hole through the middle, thread a piece of string through the hole and hang it up outside. We usually place them on the trees away from the bird feeders. Caterpillars like to feed on stinging nettles but i’m not sure how anyone feels about having nettles hanging around the garden…

Old wood lying around? Place some old wood in shady, damp areas for Beetles, woodworms and other ghastly creatures to nest in.

Simple things for creatures that are becoming unknown. You can create a wildlife haven in your own garden without it being a mess. Let’s save them and help them flourish. Kelly X



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