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How to budget in New York City when you have kids. Top Tips.

Visiting any big city with kids can be daunting, but visiting one of the busiest, largest cities in the world can just put people off instantly. New York is not that scary and with some simple steps you can budget and enjoy your getaway without too much stress caused by money worry.

Simple Steps to take


You are visiting New York and will obviously want to see some of the top attractions available. If you go onto each website and add everything up, it can be off putting at the cost. So why don’t you check out the superhero that is The New York City Pass. This one off payment which is quite a lot to pay at first glance but it saves you so much money on those must see attractions.


You don’t have to eat in fancy schmancy restaurants every single day you are there, you are in NYC. With food vans on every street corner offering things like Hot Dogs to Pretzels from a few $$ you won’t go hungry. Check out Trip Advisors top street food recommendations

Time of Year

When you want to visit, the cost can vary depending on the time of year. If you visit out of Peak season which is Jan-March & Sept-Nov this not only saves you $ on things like flights but the cost of everything else lowers too. Check out Skyscanner for cheap flights & hotel deals.


If you don’t want to pay the notoriously high Hotel prices in NYC then why don’t you check out some of the top rated Motels. Motels in my opinion can be just as nice and sometimes even better.


I would suggest using the Metro to get around, cabs can be expensive plus you have all that traffic to contend with. If you want to travel around as cheaply as you can try the Metro Card.

Spending Money

We have the three boys and once upon a time they would see something when we were out and would beg and go on all day until they got it. Hence costing us a fortune. So what we do now is we set a daily budget for each child and once they spend it that’s it for the day (This is mainly for souvenirs) This makes things much easier for us and the boys also learn about the value of money.

Other Top Tips

Set yourself a daily budget and plan plan plan is the key to saving $

Look for free attractions. This will obviously save you some money and if you go a little further out of the city you will find lots more.

Some of the top attractions offer a pay as you wish day or free entry one day a week.

Look for free events that may be happening at the time you are visiting.

If you truly want to save lots of money Stay out of Midtown when it comes to food and hotels as that is the most expensive during peak times.


Relax and enjoy your visit.

Kelly X



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