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Goosebumps 2 – Haunted Halloween . Our Review

Growing up I was usually found reading a Goosebumps book and I was a huge fan of the tv series (which I still watch now with Toby & Elliot). so after really enjoying the first movie, the second movie was a must for us.

The story starts with a young boy and his best friend, who find a book that had been locked and hidden away in the old R.L. Stine residence. When they open it, the infamous Slappy (the dummy) appears! The boys run from the house but bump into the local bully who then steals the book, but keep Slappy after a quick getaway and a very funny scene involving some trousers. The boys return home, getting ready for Halloween when Slappy makes himself known to the boys, who at first seem very afraid, but slappy wins them round after showing them that he is magic and can make any problems the boys may be having disappear, including bullies.He seems very nice at the beginning, or is it just an act?

The boys decided to tell Slappy he is not a part of the family and that he is in fact a dummy which makes him mad, and we all know what happens when Slappy gets mad! Slappy has his own personal agenda all along and decides to create his own family by kidnapping the boys mother.

He makes Halloween come to life, after invading the local store and casts his spell to bring the holiday decorations to life. He invades the whole town with monsters and all the creatures after turning everyone’s decorations into real monster. This turns a normal Trick or Treat night into a very scary Halloween town. The boys and his sister team up with neighbor who seems very excited that a Goosebumps story is coming to life. They have to find the book that Slappy got one of his ghosts to steal from the sister and figure out how to stop him.

They discover that an issue with the book, means they have to figure out how to stop him and his allies. Later they realise the book can suck up monsters and they are determined to save the city. The story is obviously based on R.L Stine’s books. Once again this is where Jack Black comes in as he reprises his role from the 2015 film, playing the writer who comes to help save the town. His performance as the author is excellent. I just love Jack Black as R.L Stine, I would have liked to have seen him more in this movie.

I also loved spotting the real R.L Stine again. This movie is funny and spooky in equal amounts. There is mystery and excitement in this story, bringing real old style Halloween decorations to life and old characters from the books. My favorite scene is the fight with the gummy bears, which become real and very large then they attack the boys.

“when we face our own fears we learn how not to be scared.” a really good message from the film. Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween viewed 26 October, 2018 it is the perfect movie for kids this Halloween. Elliot (6) was absolutely fine throughout and I would say 6+ for the age rating on the movie. I would give Goosebumps 2 Haunted Halloween a 3 out of 5 stars. The movie was enjoyable, however I was expecting more to happen but it didn’t and I couldn’t help feel like the movie was rushed towards the end.

Kelly x



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