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Goat Therapy With West Barn Pygmy Goats


We were treated to some goat therapy and some of the cutest cuddles around yesterday

We headed to West Barn Pygmy Goats

I have loved goats since I was little and when we were invited along I was super excited. I think it is such a great idea and it really does help you to relax and just forget about the world for a short time.

Located close to Belsay Hall it is the perfect activity to relax and just spend some time with these gorgeous animals. I would suggest wearing old clothes, we got a bit scruffy and one of the goats took a liking to my dress so may have had a cheeky nibble.

The farm is not signposted but the satnav did a great job and we found the place fairly easily. There's a courtyard where you can park your car. After parking we were greeted by Sam.

Sam is super knowledgeable and whenever we or the boys had any questions, knew the answer. You can clearly see how passionate they are here.

They currently have 50 goats to cuddle, so plenty to go around. You get a tub of food and then you head into the field with the Goats. They do jump up at you and try to munch the whole tub, so I found it easier to place the tub on the gate and just get bits out as and when. I made friends with Rosemary who was super cute and she took a liking to my dress so kept hiding under it. Even once the food had gone the goats were still really interested in us and getting a fuss. There are also brushes to use which the goats loved. Sam also brought over the smallest goat who was just adorable. We had a fantastic time hugging, feeding and brushing the goats.

Need to know

For 45mins of complete adorableness it is £10 per person.

The session is for your own group so you get all of the goats to yourself.

Visits must be pre-booked by emailing Minimum age for visitors is 5 years

Old clothing is advisable along with sturdy shoes or wellies

Hand washing station and hand gel available to use.

You could make a day of it and head to Bolam lake or Belsay Hall.


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