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Flux By Mortal Fools - Theatre Review


We were kindly invited along to watch a performance of Flux by Mortal Fools on Saturday at the YMCA Centre in Northumberland which was bigger than it looks from the outside and we got parked in the car park! You can also take your own snacks and drinks in.

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Mortal Fools are the only youth theatre travelling the North East and co creating with young people. Flux consists of 12 unique voices who come together to discover what makes you, you. What it means to question your identity in a world that is determined to put you in a box. The show is performed by young people living through this right now.

The theatre show lasts just over 1hr and also has an original catchy sound track, with a bold colourful set which captivates the audience.

The show is suitable for ages 11+ and you receive a what to expect guide when you arrive. All venues are accessible and have accessible toilets. Seating is unreserved so you can sit where you feel more comfortable and the performances are relaxed.

Topics covered in this show includes youth identity, sexuality, gender, society & peer pressure, stereotyping and lots more.

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What we thought

Ok, so as a parent to three boys we felt this show was a great way to explain some of the topics and challenges facing young people today. Elliot is only 11 but Toby who is 15 can really relate to the show. The show captured some of the real challenges facing young people and I thought the performances were fantastic. Expect a few laughs, foot tapping to the original soundtrack and some moments, as a parent, that really make you sit back and think. The characters were great and each got to tell there own story in a unique way that was relatable. The show definitely made me think more about the challenges that young people do face and how tough it must be for the younger generation to feel like they need to fit in somewhere. Toby & Elliot both said that they enjoyed the show and thought Charlie's performances were great as it did remind us of Adam and how tough he has had it lately, trying to figure it all out at 16. As a home ed family we have had to deal with all sorts of challenges, including stereotyping so the show really did relate.

As I always say, just be you, the rest will fall into place.

A fantastic show that delivers a powerful message.

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