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Feeling the pressure of the summer holidays. My Rant.

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

For summer this year we decided to stay in the UK and explore our magnificent country, instead of jetting off somewhere abroad. The UK offers some amazing opportunities and we want our children to experience those.

My youngest, Elliot, came home one day stating that it is not a real holiday if you don’t go on a plane. You need to leave the country for it to be classed as a holiday.

Elliot also went on to explain that this said “friend” of his was telling him all about how much better he is than Elliot because he is going on holiday during the summer, a real one on a plane. All because he has more money than us and that makes him better. Bare in mind these kids are 7/8 years old. This sickens me that anyone would allow their child to talk to another person in this way. This made Elliot a little upset because, after all he is only seven years old. The thing with Elliot is, he is a very sensitive little boy with a huge heart, he takes everything anyone says to him as gospel.

This made me quite angry about the whole situation and made me think about the impact that school and “friends” can have on each other. Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting the blame on any child, I have seen first hand just how toxic the school yard parents can be and the clique-y-ness of the “popular” group. Kids pick these things up from the parent, even when you think they are not listening ( THEY ARE ). For me I am tough skinned I can take it but my sweet, innocent, emotional boy can’t.

At seven years old, I do not want my child to think he is better or he is beneath anyone, I want him to just enjoy his childhood and have fun. Making lifetime lasting memories that he can look back on one day and tell his own kids about.

These days it seems that a holiday is more about bragging rights, instead of relaxing with family and making memories. Almost along the lines of “My dad is bigger than your dad”

I noticed a few years ago that Christmas is exactly the same with parents posting pictures all over social media, and that is totally fine, but not to brag about the amount you have bought. A few years ago I stopped posting the “present” pictures for this reason because people just wanted to see how much I bought. I didn’t want to be a part of this toxic way of life that seems to be engulfing people.

These times are not supposed to be about who is better than others, it is about family.

You get 18 Summers with your children, and I for one do not want to spend that time bragging about what we can or can’t afford.

So on that ranting note, go and enjoy your summer with your kids, make memories, laugh, cuddle and most importantly have fun.

Kelly X



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