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Elliot's Children's Book Review: "Mindful Millie"

When we were offered the chance to review Mindful Millie by the fabulous Louise Tribble, we were really excited.

I have always had the boys in a routine of a bedtime story. Elliot, our six year old, is still in this routine and thoroughly enjoys his bedtime story. The other two I'm not cool enough for anymore but they still read at bedtime themselves.

When a parcel arrived I just knew it was the book so I waited for Elliot to get home from school and then we opened it and took a quick look before setting it on the bedside table for later.

It was now bedtime, hoorah!

Elliot was looking forward to reading this book because not only does he love books with animals in, this book was about mindfulness and being mindful towards others. Elliot has been having a hard time at school with another pupil who has taken a disliking to him, so he has been going through a whole sea of emotions.

The book is about an Elephant "Millie" who is living in the 'NOW' and uses mindfulness to help others be positive.

The book is short enough to hold the attention of a child, which is a bonus as you don't want an epic novel at bedtime.

We really really loved the illustrations they are so beautifully done, so much so that Elliot asked if he could have a picture on his wall of the Elephant!

Another thing we liked was the big writing,making it easier for Elliot to read.

The book has 18 pages of magical words and imagery. We really like that the book interacts with you by asking you questions and getting you to join in. Elliot loves books that ask him questions. I really love that this book teaches you to be positive in tough situations.

The next day Elliot was reading it again before school so he must really like the book!

'Absolutely brilliant with the most beautifully done illustrations'

Kelly x



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