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Elliot's birthday wish list 2019.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

It is almost Elliots 7th birthday. 7 whole years ago I was listening to my inner voice and taking some much needed deep breaths, in and out. I wanted a home birth with Elliot, but that wasn't going to happen.The Nursing staff recommended I went to hospital to give birth, due to complications in my labour with Toby. I was really hoping to experience a home birth, I have an extremely high pain tolerance and have previously broken bones without realising. So I just knew that I could handle a home birth.

It was a Saturday morning, I was just getting out of bed and about to head downstairs to grab some breakfast, when I just felt like this was it. It was also my due date, this couldn't happen could it? Who ever gives birth on their due date! I called the midwife and she asked if I could make my way to hospital so they could assess my situation, and I was in labour, and he was coming on his due date! They did the usual checks, but me being me didn't listen to what they were telling me I just listened to my inner voice instead! I always prepare myself so I know what to expect, which really helps you to not over react. The midwife went out of the room and by the time she came back I had given birth, this beautiful little boy was finally here and we couldn't have been happier.

Elliot has always been a mummys boy, wherever I am he is there too. Nothing has changed at 7 years old.

He is growing into a very smart, clever young man who has so much compassion, than most adults I know.

This year Elliot has asked for some items for his birthday, he never really asks for tons of stuff, he is aware of the issues our world faces and I just know that if he could he would be doing something to help someone else instead of having a birthday treat.

Top of his wish list is :


Elliot has never been a bike person, he prefers to cruise along on his scooter. He hasn't asked for one specific scooter, just a new one.

We have chosen a Green Mongoose scooter from Halfords. Green because of his love for frogs.

WWE merchandise

Elliot shares a love for wrestling, just like me, he has asked for some WWE goodies such as a ring, wrestlers and another belt. He is a Finn Balor fan so he will be finding some of the Demons goodies in his birthday pile this year.


Lego is always on a list in this house, all three boys love lego. I find it everywhere and I mean everywhere.

I was recently cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom, and behind the microwave was a whole lego kingdom made up of Gandalf, Batman and some Emmet figures.

He hasn't asked for specific Lego he just wants lots of Lego.


Elliot has always been obsessed with puppets, I'm not sure why that is. He just loves to put on puppet shows for the family.

Hotwheels Cars

Elliot absolutely loves playing with cars, he will sit for hours and use his imagination. I love to just sit and watch him playing with his made up world.


Another love of mine that Elliot has developed over the years, he loves learning about dinosaurs and playing with figures.

Food Bank donation

Elliot loves to give back, we regularly make donations to local food banks, and seeing how happy this makes people he just wants to keep on giving. This makes me and his dad even more proud of him.

Kelly X



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