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Dinosaurs have taken over at The Bridges in Sunderland

Dinosaurs have taken over this summer, they have taken over the Bridges Shopping Centre and are waiting for you to find them.

When The Bridges Shopping Centre asked us if we would like to go along to the opening day of their brand new Dino Trail app, we were thrilled. The boys have a love for Dinosaurs and Elliot is Dinosaur mad. Not to mention I grew up with a slight dinosaur obsession too.

We have always said Sunderland needs more for kids to do, especially during the school holidays so we thought this is a great idea to kill a few hours, plus it pulls people into some of the amazing shops.

The virtual reality trail will run until 3rd September, giving you time to hunt down those Dinos and snap a photo to share on The Bridges Shopping Centres socials, for a chance to win a weekly prize. Don't forget to use the #BridgesDinoTrail

You can download the app HERE and go on a dinosaur hunt around The Bridges Shopping Centre. It is free to download, you do have to register and enter your name, postcode and email address. They were having a few teething problems at first, as the app wasn't working properly for Android phones, but this has now been corrected.

Once you have registered and logged in all you have to do is scan the fossil on the sign and a dinosaur will appear, snap a photo and share it. There are 10 fossils to find so get hunting!

The boys enjoyed walking around spotting the fossils. A great way out to spend a few hours in Sunderland.

Also outside of HMV you can find a T-rex that small children can sit on and ride. This is also free and a great photo opportunity.

You can expect to see Stegosaurus ( my favourite) , Pteranodon, T-Rex and more.

Use the #BridgesDinoTrail for your chance to win a weekly prize, Also a free gift is available from the customer service desk with every completed trail. ( subject to availability )

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