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Buying boys clothes

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

When we first found out I was pregnant, 13 years ago, and expecting a boy, we were so excited because it's all girls on my side of the family. To have a boy was really exciting, not only for me and Craig but for my family. Craig comes from a long line of boys, so it wasn't that big of a deal for his side of the family.

Craig and I were so happy and decided to go shopping for baby clothes. We found ourselves a little bit flustered trying to find things we actually liked. Maybe we were just being fussy and wanted the most perfect outfits for our first child. I even found the "lemon" coloured items even looked girly, as did some of the white.

Shopping for one son, we found that the boys clothes just didn't seem to be all that nice. Then add two more boys into the mix and shopping became FUN! ( Not )

We find clothes shopping a pain in the backside, especially for Adam. He is a tall 12 year old who is super slim, so when it comes to shopping for trousers, in particular, we always end up going to every shop to see what style he likes. Then find the ones he liked don't come in his size ... I mean, is there an epidemic of slim tall 12 year old boys buying the same trousers?

Believe me, we have tried all sorts to fill Adam out over the years, but turns out he is just going to be one of those lucky people that can eat and eat and never gain weight. I sometimes find myself wondering how on earth is he going to find clothes that he actually likes when he is a grown man? Maybe a potato sack? A curtain?

Over the years I have always commented on how large the girl sections are in supermarkets, also other stores too. You see the girls aisles taking up the majority of the clothing department, with pretty clothes and an abundance of colours and frills, then you come to the boys section with 1 aisle and the clothes are bland and boring, usually made up of plain blue jeans with elasticated bottoms ( My boys hate those). Have you tried getting big feet into them? When I have questioned this in the past, I usually get the same response about boys loving mud and being dirty and how they don't need a wide selection. It's almost like they want boys to be uniform with the same plain jeans and dinosaur t-shirt.

Boys love mud. I get that, but can they not look good whilst having a jump in a puddle?

Times have changed and children are evolving in ways it seems companies and brands just can't keep up with. I know some people who have similar issues and they end up ordering clothes online, but that's just not the same as shopping in store. What if they don't fit properly, what if they don't like them, the fabric feels horrible, (I get this from Toby a lot) then they have to get sent back and you are back at the start.

So from me, the mother to three rapidly growing lads, can we please have more options for boys clothes in shops?

Kelly x



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