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Alder Hey Children's hospital: Running Training Plans. They need your help.

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Alder hey are just amazing, the work they do each year is just outstanding. Every year Alder Hey cares for over 275,000 patients and their families, and they need your help.

Check out the Running Training Plans Here

Alder Hey Children’s Charity Ambassadors are children from all walks of life, who have been treated at Alder Hey or are a relative of a patient who has undergone treatment at our children’s hospital. Childhood should be filled with happiness, laughter and fun but when a child becomes ill, children often have to be brave and grow up quickly in order to deal with the difficult time in their life. At Alder Hey Children’s Charity we want to support the children who are strong for their siblings or smile when they may be in pain. Everything we do is with our brave Alder Hey Children’s Charity Ambassadors in mind.

Let us introduce you to Lilly. When Lily was three she was diagnosed with arthritis after suffering pain and swelling in her knees and ankles which severely restricted her movement. Lily is treated at Alder Hey and with advances in therapies and treatments for arthritis and lupus made by the world-leading rheumatology research team at our Institute in the Park. Lily is now leaping around on her favourite trampoline, swimming, smiling and loving being a normal seven-year-old while helping other children by joining in our research trials.

Our brave Alder Hey Children’s Charity ambassadors also help to raise money for the charity so that we can continue to provide vital funds to provide life-saving medical equipment and facilities that make a real difference to families every day.

Caitlyn is treated at Alder Hey for Scoliosis, a medical condition in which a person's spine has a sideways curve. Together with her mum, Caitlyn spends her weekends raising money for Alder Hey by doing a car boot sale – to date she has raised over £1500.

Recently we have installed distraction technology within our wards to help distract the attention away from the treatment or medical examinations that need to be carried out by our medical professionals, and entertain young patients with colourful, bright and positive images projected on the walls of the room. This immersive technology helps to transform a white walled ward into a magical world where children can escape from reality and be free from fear and anxiety. 

To be able to continue to provide innovative technology such as the distraction technology and provide vital funds for Alder Hey, we rely on the support and kindness from the public. There are many fun and exciting ways for you to help and support Alder Hey Children’s Charity such as host your own bake sale, host a charity car wash or sign up to run a charity race. Alder Hey Children’s Charity has recently launched a brand-new running hub to inspire and motivate people to run for charity. With delicious recipe ideas, running tips and 5k, 10K, half marathon and marathon training guides, if you’d like to challenge yourself to run a 5K, 10K or even a marathon we would love to you go and check out the Alder Hey Running Hub now.

If you can help in anyway please contact Alder Hey Children's Charity.

Kelly X



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