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A Wedding checklist to keep you organised. A Brides ultimate guide.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

Spending many years working in the wedding industry, I know just how stressful it can be to plan your own wedding. I hope you can use my ultimate checklist to keep things running smoothly. Christmas and Valentines day has been and gone now, in general more people tend to get proposed to at those times of the year the most. I know some people don’t like the idea of Christmas proposals and think that it ruins the festival period. Me and Craig got engaged on Christmas day way back in 2004 and we have been together ever since. It hasn’t ruined Christmas for me, but I do know people are different. Congratulations if you did get engaged, at any time of the year! You are now wondering what’s next, you need a list for the wedding and you need to get planning. But remember you don’t have to stick to any lists, there is no right or wrong way to do it.

12 months before

Get a notebook you can dedicate to wedding planning.

  1. Set the date – Do you have a date that is special to you both?

  2. Set your budget – Decide what you want to spend and on what.

  3. Settle on a theme/ style & colour

  4. Grab a binder and keep track of receipts etc

  5. Look up local wedding fairs to attend and meet suppliers

10 Months before

  1. Put together a guest list – and settle on your numbers

  2. Start looking at venues and get one booked

  3. Book a band or your entertainment

  4. Book your officiant

  5. Find a photographer – really look into this one as so many people offer this service.Choose one that suits your style

  6. Look for a caterer

8 Months before

  1. Choose your stationary

  2. Order save the dates

  3. Look at wedding dresses

  4. Invite your friends/family to join your wedding party

  5. Register

  6. Book hotel rooms for guests or alternatively book Bell tents with Blossom Bell Tent Hire (UK only)

6 Months Before

  1. Send your save the date cards

  2. Book your Honeymoon

  3. Order bridesmaid dresses

  4. Start planning with your florist

4 Months Before

  1. Order your cake

  2. Order the grooms attire

  3. Plan your rehearsal

  4. Make appointments for hair & makeup trails

8 Weeks Before

  1. Create a system for your RSVPs

  2. Begin dress fitting

  3. Arrange your transport

  4. Purchase the rings

4 Weeks Before

  1. Meet with your photographer

  2. Make your seating plan

  3. Order menus, favour tags, table numbers etc

  4. Order wedding favours

2 weeks before

  1. If you have one give your shot list to the photographer

  2. Final dress fitting

  3. Complete your vows

  4. Assemble the favours

  5. Send out a schedule to your guests

1 Week Before

  1. Send your final payments

  2. Confirm guests with caterer

  3. Have a backup plan in case of bad weather

  4. Pick up the dress

1 Day Before

  1. Get your manicure. pedicure done

  2. Have a rehearsal

  3. Give out gifts to the wedding party

  4. Get the clothes/shoes etc ready for the next day

  5. Go to bed early


  1. Hair & make up

  2. Get dressed

  3. Go get Married

  4. Enjoy your day.

I hope you have a lovely day and you have many happy years together.

Kelly X



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