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7 November Ideas to keep the kids active.

7 November Ideas to keep the kids active.

As the weather has dramatically cooled down now, it is natural to want to stay inside. In your own home where it is nice and warm and you can hide away from any frosty weather.

However it is so important that you and the kids keep moving, regardless of the weather. Outdoor play is great fun and provides so much imaginative play, which is also good for development.

Bird Houses and Bird feeders Why don’t you do a project together and see if you can create some amazing little birdhouses for them to hide in when the snow arrives. All you need is some wood, wood glue (make sure its weatherproof) some non toxic paint. For bird feeders try making some from empty soda/water bottles, and you can make your own fat balls to fill them up. The birds round here love to get a peanut feeder most times of the year. We also have a Robin that comes to the kitchen window and will take small scraps such as veg peelings, bit of meat etc. (We call him Roger) All great reasons to get outside and give a helping hand where nature needs it.

Paper Boat Floats and Pooh Sticks Have you ever watched the kids pick up a stick,throw it into a stream and watch the sticks race each other? So simple but so much fun and excitement. The boys love doing this when we go to our local stream they will play there forever if we let them. Why don’t you try making some paper boats and see if they float in a pubble or even make a few and out them in the stream and see how long they last. (Take a net to scoop it back out)

Woodland Walks Woodland walks must be one of our favourite things to do. We are lucky to have a few different woodlands either within a short 5 minutes drive. Our local woodlands is just full of wonder and wildlife and we love the colours from the millions of trees. We also love to collect things we find on the floor in the woodlands, it could be a pretty leaf or a stick the boys might make a wand from. It’s always worth looking down. You can even build a den.

Constellation and Moon watching Again we are lucky in that we have a pretty clear sky here in the countryside with none of that awful orange glow filling it. We do actually love to just go outside wrapped up and just look up at the sky once in a while. We have even see meteorites! Elliot’s pretty sure he saw a spaceship too!

Dew Photography If you have never been outside on an early, frosty morning ,oh man are you missing out! See if you can spot an early morning spider web with dew on it, they are so pretty.

Scavenger hunt This is so easy and keeps the boys busy for hours, you can make up a scavenger hunt from things in nature like trees, birds, pinecones etc etc.

Raining again No worries! Just pop on some wellington boots and go splish and splash crazy! You could even have a little dance in the rain!



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