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50 things that make me happy.

I was recently tagged in a blog post ’50 things that make me happy’ by the wonderful I said I would happily do a post about the things that make me happy. So here it is: 1) My Family2) My dogs3) WWE (yes really) 4) Books 5) Autumn

6) Herbal Tea7) Marvel 8) Dc comics9) Trees10) Chocolate

11) Candles 12) Notebooks 13) Netflix14) Snow globes15) Ducks

16) Science 17) Space 18) Peacocks 19) Hot chocolate (Ned Flanders style)20) Thick snuggly blankets

21) Picnics on the beach 22) Moscow 23) Pimms24) Egypt 25) Egyptian food

26) Photography27) Snuggly movie days with my boys28) North Yorkshire 29) Country Music 30) Cowboy Boots

31) Snow32) Christmas33) Ice Skating34) Writing 35) Thick Gloves

36) Halloween 37) 80s Movies 38) Tigers 39) Lavender40) Carrot Cake

41) Scarves 42) Hats 43) Chia Seed Pudding44) Baking 45) Exploring Castles

46) Toast with strawberry jam47) Harry Potter48) The colour purple49) Scrubs ( tv show)50) Making Lists There you have my 50 things that make me happy What makes you happy?

Kelly x



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