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5 Foods I love & 5 Foods I hate

Food. We all need it to survive. I love food, I enjoy cooking and watching my family enjoy the meal that I have prepared for them. I used to say that my oldest son loves his food, there is nothing that he wouldn’t eat, Adam is now 12 and we have found something he won’t eat to everyone’s surprise. Bananas! Which got me thinking about the foods I love and the ones I hate and thought it would be interesting to find out what other people like/dislike. When I was growing up I was really strange with food, I would only eat what my Grandad prepared (My grandparents raised me) then my aunt moved back in and she became like the big sister I never had. We travelled and ate so much new food that my taste buds were awakened. My 5 food LOVES Egyptian food. My favourite type of food on the planet, I would happily eat Egyptian food every day for the rest of my life. I love a good Okra. Seafood – I just love seafood, I have travelled with my Aunt and been lucky enough to taste different types of seafood. It is super enjoyable. Chocolate Truffle – Now I don’t eat much chocolate because I don’t enjoy it much, plus I don’t drink milk which most chocolates have in. However throw me a chocolate Truffle and I will be your best friend! Strawberries – I must eat an unhealthy amount of strawberries every year. I snack on them, have them for breakfast and I would be happy with dinner and tea too. Just so scrummy! Chia seed pudding – This is most definitely my favourite dessert. You can add chia seeds to most foods to give an added health kick. Chia seed pudding needs to be prepared the night before to give the seeds time to soak up the coconut milk. You can add fruit, have it plain you can even have it chocolate flavoured. Make sure you read up on how to consume chia seeds first as there really is an unhealthy and not good for you at all way.

5 foods I hate with a passion Tomatoes – I hate them with a passion. I can have tomato sauce without issues but I have been known to flee and hide from a fresh tomato. *Shuddering at the thought* Crab – I love seafood, however I really don’t like crab. No idea why I just can’t stand it. Passion fruit – strange one for me as I like pretty much all fruit except Passion fruit. It is more of a texture thing I think. “Squeezy Cheese” I just don’t get it. Squeezy cheese (Primula) as Elliot calls it, looks rank, smells rank and just tastes of chemicals. Brisket – I hate the stuff it tastes awful, it’s totally overrated. I have also found that no matter how long you marinate it for it still never tastes of anything. I have been to a few places and tried a small bit and it’s just horrid.

What do you love & hate? I find it so fascinating that people love different things.

Kelly X



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