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17 things to do at home with kids during isolation.

17 things to do at home with kids during the covid 19 isolation. This week would have been the first week of the Easter Holidays and I know some of you are really upset at having to cancel holiday plans. We can't really do much about it given the current circumstance so what do we have that we can do at home to keep the kids entertained?

The boys are starting to get restless now, they are used to being outdoors whether it's for after school clubs, skiing, tennis or just long weekend bike rides. This is what they are really missing right now. So how do we keep them busy?

1. Board Games - I don't know about you but we have a huge collection of board games (even though they only seem to play the same few ones) we love to just switch off and have a game. Although the teenage sore loser tantrums we don't like so much.

2. Get creative - We like to spend afternoons with the paints, clay work or even just sketching. There is quite a big artist streak in this household so we can easily pass the time creating some masterpieces. Set yourself a challenge and see what you can make from your recycling rubbish.

3. Movie afternoon - Some days we just need to have a movie afternoon, watching some of our favourites from Disney (Check out my unlimited Disney movie list HERE ) or just closing our eyes and choosing from the pile. Get the popcorn flowing, make up some hotdogs and pretend you are at the cinema.

4. Garden Games - You could spend the day in the garden (if you have one) play games, chalk the path, have a picnic or go on a bug/bear hunt! Endless amounts of fun right in your own space.

5. Lego challenges - A while back the boys came up with this idea to have lego challenges and whoever wins gets a £1 coin. So we have to choose something ( a rocket, car, house etc) and they go off in there rooms to build then when they have all completed the challenge the parents inspect and make the decision who gets the £1 coin. Keeps them busy for a while!

6. Comic book creations - We are most definitely a house of creators. One of the things we love to create are comic books. You can find printables online or you could just create your own comic template and get writing.

7. Video Games - Although the boys are not massively into video games we do allow them a little time to just let go of the world and play video games. I loved my mega drive growing up and it was a way for me to relax. The boys prefer to read and do outdoor stuff to be honest.

8.Exercise! - Have you ever done an exercise programme with the kids? WHOA I recently joined in with the Joe Wicks P.E sessions and I was knackered! I did make the boys do an online Zumba class with me though and they loved it. So many great programmes available on Youtube from Karate, Kickboxing, Zumba, Cardio etc

9. Cook and Bake together - Ever since the boys were little we always baked together. I loved when they were tiny and they would steal the mixing bowl of chocolate... They still enjoy cooking together now that they are older so much fun and they are learning! Let them measure the ingredients it could be that days Math lesson.

10. Create an at home treasure hunt - In fact I may create my own for you all to download (free) It is really fun for all the family and it does keep the kiddies busy. You could try an alphabet challenge too.

11. Den Building - We have a house of boys and they are forever building dens. They like to steal the clean bedding and move the dining room around then create a huge den in the middle of the room and they just hang out in there for quite a long time actually.

12. Make Playdough - Elliot loves to mess with playdough and we regularly make our own. It is super easy check out How to make your own play dough HERE.

13. Make salt dough - Have you ever made salt dough ornaments? It is easy to make check it out HERE and lasts for a while if stored correctly. We usually make salt dough Christmas ornaments to hang on the tree.

14. Slime.- Dreaded Slime. It sticks to everything, I have found it on the rugs, in my hair, on the bed and even in Elliot's sock. It is quite fun to make, lasts a while and if i'm honest I love squishing it in my hands! Ultimate stress reliever. Check out my How to guide HERE.

15. Bucket list - Why don't you take this time to create a bucket list of things you and your family want to achieve once the isolation process has been lifted. You could even grab a big jar and pop ideas in when you think of them. ( days out, restaurants etc)

16.Im bored bucket - I have an Im bored bucket which we came up with a few years back but since being in isolation I decided to create an Im Bored Bucket indoor edition. You can check out my Ideas HERE or you can easily create your own.

17. Teach the kids some life lessons- This could be things like changing a light bulb safely, how to make a cup of tea, help with ongoing training for the dogs (Elliot and Toby are becoming little experts). If you have things like a first aid certificate maybe you could talk to your kids about that.

I know right now is not the most ideal situation, but we have to at least try and make it easier on the kids. They have all done so well so far and living through history as we speak. I hope you all stay safe and fingers crossed we can go back out for our adventures soon. Don't forget you are still allowed to go for a walk/ bike ride/ exercise with your family. (Who you live with) But please keep checking the government guidelines in case anything changes.



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