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16 things I can’t live without

We all have those things that just make every part of life that little bit better. When someone asked me if I could name 16 things, I simply couldn’t live without, it made me think about what they would be and it really makes you realise how important some things really are to you. 1) My Family My family of course! Craig and my boys have made me who I am today. Without them I honestly couldn’t imagine how my life would have turned out. To see those smiling faces every morning just makes me happy and thankful for the four of them.

2) The Dogs I could never live my life without an animal in it. Luckily I have two dogs, my hot water bottles and my exercise!

3) Herbal TeaYes really! Herbal tea is my go to morning drink. It wakes me up and gets me ready for the day ahead of me. I just love Herbal tea. I probably couldn’t name every kind I have because I have so many! I really love Green Tea and i’m really liking a winter spice one I found recently which has cinnamon and tastes divine!

4) FoodNow I have chosen food as my 4th option because not only do you physically need it to survive, but in the right hands it can be super tasty and great fun too. I simply couldn’t just choose one type of food! I love good wholesome meals usually home cooked by myself or Craig. A typical comfort food for me is something like mince and dumplings or gnocchi. My favourite food on the entire planet I would have to say is middle eastern food and I will no doubt be posting a review from my favourite restaurant who make an amazing okra! I could honestly go on and on about food. I’m a bit partial to chocolate too!

5) MusicMusic makes my list because it is an everyday part of life for me. Music is always there when you need a little pick me up. I have so many favourite songs ( too many to list on here).

6) NotebooksI am forever making lists, whether its on my laptop or written down in a notebook. I have so many notebooks it drives Craig up the wall. I am currently on a ban from buying more because I “have too many”.

7) My Camera I take my camera everywhere I go. You never know when a great photo opportunity may pop up. The unexpected, unplanned pictures of the boys just being boys are always the best ones.

8) NetflixI am a self confessed Netflix Binge watcher. Simply put, I watch too much TV! I have watched so many great shows on Netflix. It’s always available 24 hours a day. What could be better than that!

9) Face cream I don’t wear much makeup, but when I do it’s usually only eye makeup. I found wearing foundation just didn’t agree with my skin tone (casper is my skin tone!) I use a well known cream twice every day and have done for many years (I Barely ever get spots so i’m happy with that!). I don’t think i could ever go back to using a foundation again or it would have to be pretty special to make me go back.

10) ThrowsI am never too far away from a nice woolly blanket or throw. I Have a condition called Raynaud’s which affects mainly my hands and feet and i get cold A LOT. I’m usually found snuggled under a throw most nights with Craig.

11) Pumpkin spiced everythingI LOVE Autumn it’s not a secret and I really like pumpkin spiced everything, especially on a cold crisp morning, a nice pumpkin spiced latte to get me going is a must.

12) TravelI really enjoy Travelling with my little family, making memories is something i love to do with the boys and Craig and the UK is an amazing place to travel. So much history and stunning scenery. My favourite place to be in the UK and just wander is North Yorkshire. It’s one amazing place!

13) Books I could not live without books. I own enough to stock around 100 libraries, or so Craig would tell you!! I have never owned a kindle and if i’m honest, i don’t think i could ever get away with it. I just love Books. I enjoy reading crime, thrillers, horror and usually the Gruffalo with Elliot.

14) CowsI have this really weird obsession with cows. Yes Cows .I have been known to have Craig stop the car whilst travelling because I’ve spotted a cow i have not taken a picture of before. I have hundreds of pictures of cows and i just can’t stop. I cant explain why or where this obsession has come from. All i know is i just really love cows.

15) CandlesI dont think ive ever met anyone who doesn’t like candles. I am addicted to buying them every time i see one. I just really like the house smelling of Christmas.

16) Cowboy BootsI just have a love for cowboy boots, I pretty much live in mine. They are so comfy and go with absolutely everything (almost).

I could easily add more to this list but the 16 above are the first ones that came to mind when i was asked this question.

Kelly x

What could you not live without?



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