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104 I’m Bored Bucket Ideas to keep the kids entertained during the Summer Holidays

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

I love the Summer holidays, we have a Summer bucket list with things that we want to achieve over the break, but we also have days when we just stay at home and relax with Movies, outdoor games.

These are the days when we sometimes hear the words I’m Bored, what can I do. So I put together a list of things, Printed them and then stuck them to Lolly sticks, decorated a tin bucket I had lying around and hey presto we had the I’m Bored Bucket all set up.

You only get 18 Summers with your Child, then before you know it they are fully blown adults who are off doing there own thing…. When you see it like that 18 summers, it just seems so short. So Make as many memories as you possibly can, You don’t need to have lots of money to have a great time.

I have put together a list of Ideas, so hopefully your kiddies will have something to choose from to keep them entertained for at least 5 mins!

  1. Visit a museum

  2. Get Arty

  3. Bake some cakes

  4. Fly a kite

  5. Read a book

  6. Plant some trees

  7. Find a tree and read together under it

  8. Go to the beach

  9. Make Lemonade

  10. Water fight

  11. Treasure Hunt

  12. Nature scavenger hunt

  13. Go bird watching in the park

  14. Go to the park

  15. Go swimming

  16. Bike ride

  17. Visit a Farm

  18. Learn the art of origami

  19. Board games!

  20. Get the Play doh out

  21. Create your own comic strip

  22. Build a den

  23. Make a movie

  24. Explore a rock pool

  25. Pasta necklace

  26. Play tennis

  27. Go camping

  28. Visit a pick your own

  29. Watch a movie

  30. Make tie-dye shirts

  31. Watch the clouds and see what you can see

  32. Go to the beach and collect shells

  33. Go on a bear hunt

  34. Have a picnic

  35. Do a puppet show

  36. Collect sticks and see what you can make

  37. Play frisbee

  38. Story stones

  39. Visit a National Trust property

  40. Walk by a lake

  41. Have a science day

  42. Sidewalk chalk

  43. Go to the zoo

  44. Visit a Theme park

  45. Do a random act of kindness

  46. Make bird feeders

  47. Make a bug hotel

  48. Wash the car

  49. Pooh sticks!

  50. Make paper boats and race them

  51. Blanket fort

  52. Make suncatchers

  53. Go geocaching

  54. Volunteer

  55. Write to penpals

  56. Nerf gun wars

  57. Make bath bombs

  58. Go bowling

  59. Make a sock puppet

  60. Go to the cinema

  61. Go ice skating

  62. 1 hour video games

  63. Paint with your feet

  64. Write a poem

  65. Make a bookmark

  66. Do a jigsaw

  67. Play Laser tag

  68. Make a time capsule

  69. Create an obstacle course

  70. Play tag in the rain

  71. Go to the circus

  72. Put together a fashion show

  73. Nature treasure hunt

  74. Interview each other

  75. Make a fairy garden

  76. Go on a Gruffalo hunt

  77. Paper mache

  78. Learn some magic tricks

  79. Write a letter to the queen

  80. Sort out your old toys and take them to the charity shop

  81. Try a new craft

  82. Staring contest

  83. Catch fireflies

  84. Lego contest

  85. Learn some photography skills

  86. Research a topic and make a poster

  87. Race cars

  88. Make paper planes

  89. Make jelly

  90. Build a hedgehog hotel

  91. Find bugs and study them

  92. Put on a magic show

  93. Make treasure maps

  94. Potato painting

  95. Make a board game

  96. Learn about your family tree

  97. Play hide and seek

  98. Make mudpies

  99. Roll down a hill

  100. Visit a relative

  101. Plant sunflowers

  102. Go on a hike

  103. Climb trees

  104. Mini olympics

Most importantly HAVE FUN! Enjoy your summer and make lots of memories.

Kelly X



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