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10 things you can do to help get ready for Spring & 10 of my favourite Cleaning hacks.

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Spring! Yes it is that time of the year again, the lambs are bouncing around the field, the flowers are starting to appear and sometimes the weather starts to improve.

The last few years have seen the weather drastically change from mild to absolutely freezing. This year has seen a mini heatwave at the start of February and then back to blizzards again a few weeks later. Which has seen an influx in the cold virus. Fingers crossed now that we are into March the weather picks up and we can enjoy a few months af heat!

I have a few things that I like to do to prepare for the milder, warmer months.

1) Spring Clean- Yes it really is a thing and not just a saying.

On top of the regular weekly/monthly cleaning rituals I like to give the home a deep clean. I use a range of products but mostly eco friendly and bleach free.

2) Rearrange the furniture - I don't know about you, but I get bored if the furniture stays in the same position for years on end. I usually only move the living room around shifting a chair or two, replacing the sofa etc.

3) Decorate- Now I don't do this every year but we do like to decorate the house to give a fresh new look for the year ahead. I was brought up by my Grandparents who used to decorate the living room every year, and I won't lie, it was nice to have a change of decor.

4) Clothes - I always have at least two - three clothing clear outs every year, I have a big clear out in the spring and take the items to the local charity shop. It's amazing how quickly children grow. I usually donate any winter jumpers/jackets that I bought intending to wear but didn't and pop my most popular items into storage until its cold again.

5) Books- We are one of those families that own so many books. I must donate books to the charity shop at least 4 times a year. We like to donate the ones we have read but then dont bother with again, so this usually means the childrens books. I like to think that children less fortunate can enjoy them.

6) Toys - If I didn't have a toy clear out at least twice a year I would have no space at all left in the house. The boys are getting older and mainly play with Lego, Nerf, Cars & Wrestling stuff. So the "Baby" Toys get cleared and sent to the charity shop too.

7) The Kitchen - We always have a good clear out in the kitchen, we get rid of any pots and pans that have been abused and replace them, the larder gets a clear out quite a few times a year too. The food we won't use or don't want goes to the food bank.

8) The Garden - At this time of the year, I am usually thinking about the garden. What do I want to plant, will I attempt to grow Fruit & Veg? We usually have a clear around and throw away any damaged garden furniture, toys and tools. We clear the weeds, cut the grass and hope the weather is nice.

9) Make up - Clean out those make up bags! The amount of bacteria that builds up is pretty disgusting actually. I used to use every product known to woman. But now that I am out of that goth/teen phase and into my thirties I have learned to embrace who I am, so I only use a bit of eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and a bit of lippy now and then.

10) Rugs - Do you have rugs dotted around the home? I have quite a few actually, some get destroyed by the dogs playing tag so we have learned which ones are best to use. I usually give the rugs and carpets a deep deep clean. Dogs are dirty creatures and carry so much flipping mud!

My favourite hacks

1) Tiles - Baking soda & White wine vinegar is the ultimate must if you have grotty tiles in the bathroom or kitchen. Mix together, spray, wait 5 mins and then wipe of. SIMPLE

2) The dreaded Toilet - I don't use bleach in any products. You can use the trusty baking soda and vinegar to clean the toilet or you could use Coca Cola which is great for removing those stains and rings. (Yes Really).

3)Winter goodies - Throws, clothes, coats, thick socks. Vacuum seal them all, They will take up much less room and then you can pop the bag open in Autumn and get those snuggly goodies back out. I have to admit I still have a throw on the sofa even in the warmer months.

4) The Bin - It ends up stinking from the food you throw in. When I empty mine I always give it a wipe over with anti bacterial wipes, spray anti bacterial spray and I sometimes sprinkle a little bit of carpet freshener in too, this keeps it smelling fresh.

5) The Oven - Sprinkle some baking soda over the bottom, spray some vinegar and leave it for 12 hours ( Overnight is great for this). Then just give it a wipe over in the morning.

6) Windows - My gran swore by her mums hack of Vinegar and water, it works amazingly on windows. If you want to give that authentically old fashioned feel use a paper bag!

7) Walls & Doors - To keep them looking fresh use some washing detergent with warm water. Make sure you have a seperate bucket to ring out the cloth. Use a dry cloth to dry.

8) Door mats - We have multiple mats, one outside the door, one inside the door. We also have a boot brush. Yet still mud enters the house on a regular basis.

9) The fridge - Take out all of the shelves and draws and give it a really good deep clean. I use a mix of lemon products, which is great for keeping the fresh smell. The glass shelves you can use the baking soda/vinegar mix which will have the glass looking nice a sparkly.

10) The boot room - Use an essential oil mixed with some water pop into a spray bottle and regularly spray the shoes and room. I also use the Anti- bacterial spray once per month. Boys feet truly are smelly.

That's it! There you have some of my favourite hacks and spring cleaning tips.

All we need now is the nice weather........

Kelly X



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