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What I watched on Netflix 2018

It's no secret that I watch way to much tv, I have a love hate relationship with Netflix.

They have some amazing shows, but then take forever to play the next season.

I thought it would be fun to do a post telling you all about the shows that I watched on Netflix this year. Some are old that I didn't watch when they first came out and some were totally new.

1) Grimm - I was late to the party with this one, I decided after searching for something to watch, I would give Grimm a chance. I am totally into the supernatural so it was perfect for me. I got completely hooked watching 4 episodes every night until I finished the whole thing! I have to admit I was disappointed with the ending though.

2) Teen Wolf - I have watched Teen Wolf since it first aired on Netflix, it is everything that I love about Tv shows. The down side was waiting so so long for part B of the final season. I would love to see a spin off. So much potential there!

3) Once Upon a Time - I didn't think I would like this very much when I first spotted it because i'm not a princessy kind of person, i'm more of a wolf and vampire girl. But Once Upon A time really pulled me in. I have to admit I haven't watched all of the last season as I just found it a bit boring towards the end and a little silly that they started the curse again.

4)Shadowhunters - I read the books and thought they were fab! So I found the tv show. I wasn't disappointed, again this is something else that I binged watched. HURRY UP WITH THE NEXT PART OF SEASON 3! I don't want it to end though! So much that could be done with the story.

5)Scrubs - A true favourite of mine, I like to re watch Scrubs it never gets old. Season 9 was terrible so we don't watch that season! EEEEEEAGLEEEEEE

6) The chilling adventures of Sabrina - I loved Sabrina when I was growing up, I wasn't sure about this series.. A new show for Netflix and from what I have seen has been pretty successful so far. I am really liking it.

7)Lost In space - We planned on watching this series , we watched two episodes and give up I just found it boring. Sorry

8) A series of unfortunate events - My boys liked to watch this with me, the first season was fantastic, it was really good and kept us wanting more after each episode. Season 2 however we stopped watching it after 4 episodes as it has just gone downhill ever since boring,predictable and just blah!

9) Scorpion - Now Scorpion is my favourite tv show ever! They are my kind of people. We have watched every episode 9+ times. I was so happy to finally get to see Season 4, but I was disappointed at the half hearted efforts and the way they left the last episode. I still secretly hope they either bring it back or they do a spin off. PLEASE?

10) Orange is the new black - I just love it, its different to what I normally watch so I wasn't sure at first bit it's another addictive Tv show.

11)How to train your dragon - My boys just absolutely love it they are Cressida Cowell crazy! I actually like watching the tv shows too. Vikings and dragons, who wouldn't love it.

12) Luke Cage - Now I know people who watched this and said it was rubbish, but I actually really like it. However I am a Marvel nerd so this could have played a part in it.

What do you like watching? Are you a supernatural junkie like me? Let me know what you are binge watching. ( I need new ideas ) ha!

Kelly x



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