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Week 5 in Lockdown

Week 5 in lockdown actually seems more like week 55. Days seem to be getting longer, or is it just because we are trying to occupy our minds so we don't go totally insane?

This week I have noticed it getting to the boys now, not being able to go out for the day, no long bike rides or trips to the beach like we always do. They are missing after school clubs and friends. What seems to be getting to Elliot the most, is not being able to see his Nana, it has now been 7 weeks since we last saw her face to face. This whole situation is just so strange to everyone, and is taking a bit of getting used to. However I am so thankful for everything we do have, which is safety, food, love and each other.

So what have we been up to this week?

Tomato heaven!

I recently posted about Elliot turning into a fantastic green fingered little monkey. We planted some tomato seeds at the start of week 1 in isolation and I am glad to say we now have 23 growing tomato plants. Elliot is super excited about this because my grandad used to successfully grow and sell tomato plants, so when we told Elliot all about my Gramps he was very interested in growing his own fruit and veg.

We have also planted 15 runner bean plants, 6 Giant sunflowers, and 3 cress pots. (I will need an actual gardening centre by the time this is all over with)

Movie marathons.

We love movies, we are regular cinema visitors. Obviously right now that is not happening so we have been having our own movie nights. This week we have so far watched Spiderman, Shrek, The Willoughbys (Netflix) and some educational tv shows.

Got our bake on.

We have been spending lots more time in the kitchen together, and I LOVE it.

This week we have made yeast free pizza, cookies, sourdough bread and tomorrow we are making cheese and bacon scones. We have also been cooking tea together too which has been nice to do.


I seem to have re developed my obsession with my camera so I have been taking lots of pictures out on our walks. Something I hope to continue even after lockdown ends.


We read a lot, at the minute it is a bit of an escape from the reality we are living in right now. Luckily we have 3 book worms ,so they love to read too. I think by the end of this they may have just read all the books in the house....

Walking the dogs

Something we do at least 3 times a day however at the moment we have had to cut that down to one, one hour walk. We are quite lucky to live in an area with so many great places within walking distance such as the beach and parks. What is annoying is how busy these places are getting. Which means that we turn around and go back home. We are not risking our kids lives because others can't follow the rules.

Calling Nana

We do this everyday, although she lives with my Auntie we still like to check up on her and our Auntie to make sure they both ok and have everything they need. Elliot and Toby like to natter for a while.

Setting the boys on a business path

We sat down with the boys recently and give them a booster lesson on money management. They watched a show about someone who had very little to start with and ended up making millions in a short space of time and this got Adam and Toby really interested. So we set them a challenge we give each of the boys £35 to invest in something and to try and turn the biggest possible profit . So far its looking good and they are coming up with some great ideas..

Future thoughts

Recently, with everything going on around us, I got thinking about our future and what Craig and I truly want out of life, so we put our heads together and came up with a plan for once this is all over. Im looking forward to the challenge! I will be sharing more on that when the time is right!

Arts & Crafts

We luckily have a good supply of arts and crafts already in the house, so we have been making use of them. We have recently been really enjoying making things from our recycling. So far we have created Elephants from cutting milk cartons, a papier mache dragon egg from an old newspaper and we have tons of toilet roll tubes we have been saving to build an epic castle.

Magazine subscriptions

Oh how we have love getting our magazines through the post. We subscribe to a few for the boys such as Whizz pop bang, Brilliant Brainz and The Week Jr. The boys love to read them and do the little tasks that are set too.

I also subscribe to Good Food Magazine and I just love to see the wonderful recipes.

Relying on Amazon for deliveries

Even more than usual we have had to order some things from Amazon just to keep us going. I am very grateful for the hard work they are putting in and I can only imagine how busy they must be.

Walked to the beach

We walked to the beach yesterday and spent just a little over 30 minutes there as it started to get busy and unsafe, this really annoyed me because it is a beach that not many people know about and is within walking distance for us, the amount of cars dumped all over the place was just so stupid.

The boys have also been doing school work, using BBC Bitesize, and we chose to learn about the Vikings so we have been doing lots of fun things like making posters, drawing, reading and watching shows about Vikings.

So that's all I can really say to be honest, there's only so much you can do in your own home. Lets see what Week 6 brings.

Stay safe everyone



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