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#ShopNorthEast Review Wiga Wagaa

We are BIG fans of food with plenty of flavour, specially if that flavour features a good chilli kick! So the chance to review a few products from Wiga Wagaa was too good to miss!

We were sent a range of products to sample;

Chilli Mayo

Chilli Oil

Jerk Black Eye Beans

Jerk BBQ Sauce

Coconut Cooking Sauce

Sweet and Salty Chilli Popcorn

So far, we have had the Jerk BBQ Sauce on pretty much everything! This is a classic, smokey and slightly sweet sauce, with the added jerk flavour, which gives a good level of heat, enough to taste, but not too much. We have had it with burgers, chips, steak and as a dip for nachos. There's not much we wouldn't say that this is ideal with.

The Chilli Mayo also works well with a wide range of foods. Again, nicely balanced heat, meaning that the chilli flavour is not overpowering (as some chilli products can be), allowing you to appreciate the good quality mayo. We have used this as an alternative to standard mayo in sandwiches and wraps and as an accompaniment for various main meals. It also works well with salads.

The product we have most enjoyed so far, was the Coconut cooking sauce. We stuck pretty closely to the recipe for this one, adding in onions, peppers, chicken and a little water but, as this is one of Wiga Wagaa's milder products, we decided to use some of the chilli oil when frying the chicken and veg. We served this with basmati rice and it was delicious! Imagine a Thai curry, but without the overpowering lemongrass flavour and a little less heat. This is definitely one that will becoming a regular purchase for us.

The favourite amongst the boys was the popcorn. Adam and Toby have already developed a taste for chillies, but Elliot, the younger of the three, has always tried to avoid anything spicy, so we thought it would be a good idea to let them all try the popcorn, without warning them about the impending chilli kick. As expected, the older two enjoyed it and strangely, Elliot came back for more, even if he did get quite a shock from the aftertaste of his first piece. It is that aftertaste that makes the popcorn so enjoyable. It starts off as a fairly standard sweet and salty popcorn, but then the warming chilli kick comes in. Strange at first, but very moreish!

Overall, we have enjoyed all the products we were sent and will definitely be ordering regularly.

Wiga Wagaa's products are created by owner, Victor, at the company's base in Consett. "Using my Biochemistry background and my love for tasty food, I have combined ingredients from different countries in a ratio that has the desired result – flavour, taste and kick"

Want to find out more about Wiga Wagaa and the the other products in the range? Visit

**We were gifted these products in return for our honest review, as part of this campaign.**

These products are available from the Wiga Wagaa website at the following prices;

Chilli Mayo - £3.50

Chilli Oil - £3.00 (100ml) or £4.50 (250ml)

Jerk Black Eye Beans - £4.00

Jerk BBQ Sauce - £4.00

Coconut Cooking Sauce £4.00

Sweet and Salty Chilli Popcorn - £1.50 (60g) or £2.50 (120g)



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