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#ShopNorthEast Day 9 - Coffee JAR

Coffee has always had a mixed reaction in this house. Myself and teenage son, Adam are regular drinkers, but Craig and the 2 younger boys just refuse to drink it. Craig had a bad reaction when he was younger and the other 2 are just very fussy eaters. With that in mind, we thought reviewing various blends from Coffee JAR, might be an opportunity to convert Craig, as he admits to liking the smell of good quality coffee.

Coffee JAR is a small, Gateshead based business, run by a husband and wife team, offering a range of high quality coffees using ethically sourced arabica beans, ground to your preference and delivered to your door, sometimes the very same day!

We were kindly sent the following blends, all ready ground for our cafetiere;

I like my coffee nice and milky, whereas Adam prefers his black, so we opted to sample #8 and #27.

#8 - The one for milk is the strongest in the range, blended to retain it's flavour when adding milk, which is good, because I do like to add a lot of milk to my coffee. I followed the helpful brewing guide on the Coffee JAR website and brewing, from start to finish took around 5 minutes using a cafetiere. I wasn't sure how well the coffee would retain it's flavour with a lot of milk added to it, but I was pleasantly surprised. It still had a good nutty flavour, with just a hint of cocoa coming through, but without being too bitter for such a dark roast. This was the one that I managed to convince coffee hater Craig to try. While he wasn't the biggest fan, he did manage a full cup, so that must tell us something about the high quality of the product.

Next up, #27 - The one for every cup. This is a medium roast, with a blend of beans, sourced from Costa Rica, Brazil and Ethiopia. Again, we followed the brewing guide instructions, which resulted in a well rounded, noticeably sweet flavour. Adam was happy enough drinking this one black, with nothing added, but I still added a splash of milk. Adding milk to this one proved the point with #8 retaining it's full flavour with milk, as #27 was definitely better without milk.

Obviously, coffee is all about personal taste, what type of beans you prefer, what roast you prefer and so on, but for me, #8 is my personal favourite, while Adam preferred #27.

Overall, the coffee from Coffee JAR is clearly high quality and blended by a business who obviously know what they are doing, but beyond the coffee, the service offered by this business is outstanding too. If you are lucky enough to live within 12 miles of their base at Birtley, you can have your chosen blend, ground to your preference and delivered the same day. If you are further afield, then your coffee can be with you in 3 days, via Royal Mail

For more info, visit the Coffee JAR website

**We were gifted these products in return for our honest review as part of this campaign**

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