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Retro Toys that built my childhood.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We all have memories from growing up and what our favorite toys were right?

I was born in 1987 and raised by my grandparents and aunt. I guess you could say I was spoilt rotten, but the one thing I wasn’t was a Girly Girl. Tomboy is what they would all call me. If I’m honest I just didn’t really gel well with Barbies and pink things, however the one toy I did love was a cheap doll my aunt got me one weekend, I named it Molly and it became a sort of security blanket and came everywhere I went.

What other toys do I remember? Well I have put together my absolute favourites from my past for you to have a look at.

My boys see some of these and think “what the actual heck?”


Oh wow! What a toy, a simple little device that would drive you insane yet have you hooked. You had to look after a pet, wash it, feed it, love it. If you didn’t it would die. I went crazy for The Tamagotchi and I had a few different ones. Recently I remember telling my boys about it and they thought I was crazy, until of course they came back and I got them one!


I was gifted a Furby one Christmas, I was absolutely terrified of it. It wouldn’t shut up no matter what. Pretty sure in the end my gran removed the batteries and then re gifted it to someone else.

Power Rangers

Now then, I was Power Rangers crazy. I had every costume, every doll, swords, vehicles you name it I had it. One of favourite memories growing up was playing with my Power Ranger toys with my Grandad.


When I say I was crazy about Power Rangers, I was even crazier for TMNT. I owned all of the toys that was known to man and I even sported a cool pair of Donatello Slippers. We spent many hours playing with these in my little wendy house my Grandad built me!

The Rubix Cube

I had my aunt’s Rubix Cube, I loved it! When we were out and about I would sit for hours with it trying to figure it out. My aunt had a few and I was told when she was younger she peeled the stickers off to stick them in colour order! #Genius.

The Alley Cats game

This was way before my time, and belonged to my aunt and uncle growing up. I found it in perfect condition in my bedroom cupboard and I just thought it was absolutely amazing.

WWE Figures

WWE was and is a love of mine. I really enjoy wrestling and it has been a big part of my life ever since I watched a ppv with my grandad and saw The Harts, I was hooked. I have been a fan ever since. My best memory was meeting The British Bulldog when I was on holiday.

Polly Pockets

Probably the only really Girly girl things on my list, I had an aunt who worked in Woolworths and she would use her staff discount to get me the latest Polly Pockets. Thinking back, I had so many, I collected them from an early age. You can still get Polly Pocket now but if i’m honest they are not the same. They are HUGE now, not really pocket friendly!

Baby from Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs! It was an amazing show. I had the Baby doll that spoke when you pulled it’s back string. In fact I still have it now and Elliot plays with it! Mine even still speaks.


Ok, my kids don’t get Pogs. But I owned thousands and thousands of them. I loved messing around with them and playing games. Kids these days just don’t get the simple pleasures us oldies used to have. ( My boys think I’m old, I’m 31)

Troll Dolls

The proper ones as I like to call them. I collected Trolls and had them all over my gran’s house. I had all sorts of different ones from large cave men to tiny ones that used to tell you if your wish would come true when you pressed there tummy. I’m not actually sure what happened to them all.


Yes, the ultimate gaming console of my teenage years. At first I wasn’t really into gaming and prefered to play with my actual toys. However when I saw my uncle playing a Gameboy I had to get my hands on one, from that moment on I was transformed into a gamer. I definitely do not play as much as I used to and having three boys who also love gaming it can be difficult getting onto a console in our house.


Oh my gosh, the Talkboy. They just don’t make toys like this now do they? It was amazing. I took mine everywhere and would annoy everyone in my path with it. I am pretty sure movies like Home Alone made them super popular.

What toys did you have growing up? Which ones shaped you into who you are today?

Kelly X



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