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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle: What Royal names could they choose? A list of 20 Boys names.

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

The wait is over! The new royal baby is here. Thankfully both mother and baby are doing great, but this leaves the nation betting on baby names now. I am one of those people that wait to hear the name when someone announces they are pregnant I just love Names! It is a tough choice with so many great ones to choose from. So far the Royal pair have not really stuck to protocall so what’s to say that they will even choose a name with royal significance If they do then here are my top 20 names for royal boys.

  1. Arthur

  2. Alexander

  3. Albert/Bertie

  4. Henry

  5. Phillip

  6. Charles/Charlie

  7. Edward

  8. Frederick

  9. David

  10. Douglas

  11. John

  12. James

  13. Richard

  14. Gray ( This was Meghan’s favourite baby name for a boy)

  15. William

  16. Hugh

  17. Francis

  18. Spencer

  19. Andrew

  20. Thomas

There you have my 20 baby boys names with a hint of royal sprinkled on top.

Hopefully we won’t be waiting much longer to find out what they have called the little boy. We wish Them all the happiness in the world and welcome to parenthood!

Kelly X



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