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Personalised Books for a Wonderfully Wonderbly Christmas

*We were gifted 2 books in return for this post*

We have previously purchased books from Wonderbly as gifts to the boys for Christmas (2018) and they absolutely loved them. So when Wonderbly got in touch to ask if we would like to review some of the new books they have, we just couldn't say no!

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We have always been book lovers in this house, in fact when I was growing up I would read more than anything else and I still love to read now, when that passed onto the boys and they developed a love for books at an early age I was thrilled.

Wonderbly make the most fantastical, magical, personalised story books for children, that they can cherish forever. With a range of books to choose from, you are bond to find one your child will love. Wonderbly also ship worldwide straight to your door.

When I start to think about Christmas the boys will produce a list of item and those lists always include books. Lots of books!

For Christmas 2018 a friend of mine had recently purchased a book and I just loved it, so I ordered one each for the boys.

Adam - My Golden Ticket - in collaboration with Roald Dahl

They loved them!

This time we got to choose our own two books from the new selection so we choose

You and the beanstalk from £21.99

When you place your order you can personalise it with name, gender and how the child looks. (Elliot loves the fact that he is in the book) You can also choose to have the books gift wrapped. You can then view the book to see if you like it before you purchase it. Once you have added it to the basket you will then be asked if you want any extra items such as stickers.

Elliot and the beanstalk - Hardback cover

Elliot loves this book. Jack & the beanstalk is one of his favourites so we had to choose this one. The illustration is fantastic and we just love how the child looks just like Elliot. Traditional story with a few twists. Elliot said he really likes this story and the giants are fantastic.

Elliot The Elf that saved Christmas - Hardback cover

Elliot really enjoys reading christmas books so that is why we chose this one, a story about a child that has to be good to help santa. He then ends up saving christmas after the naughty child steals the sleigh. Again, fantastic illustrations and really enjoyable story. Elliot likes the silliness of choosing his Elf name.

I find Wonderbly books an amazing gift for any young reader, with personalisation, beautiful illustrations and good quality, we will treasure these books for a long time.

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