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Our Plans for a different May half term

It is now what would have been May half term, I have to say it has been a strange few months. We did have plans to head down to Yorkshire for our Half Term and enjoy some of the fantastic attractions that we love so much, obviously we can't do that right now so we have had to come up with some new ideas for our week of less work.

We have been doing daily BBC Bitesize lessons and work that the schools had set for the boys and then we have been adding in a few projects/cookery/science and piano practise. The boys like to either keep busy or be outdoors exploring and they haven't been able to do the exploring bit due to Covid-19.

We have now came up with some alternative activities to be doing with the boys instead.

Less Work - After all it is half term. We still have the a few things for them to do but more fun rather than work. Such as:

Completing our RSPB Project - The RSPB have a fantastic WildArt 2020 Competition running right now and we have turned it into a mini project that the boys have been loving. We can not wait to show you the finished work.

Science Experiments - Science mad in this house, we have some science experiments we really want to try out so why not. Science Sparks have some great printable sheets.

Making butter - James Martin talks about his homemade butter and buttermilk using some Cream so we are going to see how good it really is! Will update once we have done it.

Picnic - We really want to have a picnic, it has been so long since we last had one. I am planning on either a garden picnic or living room carpet picnic depending on the weather, or maybe even the local park, if we can find a quiet spot.

Local Scenery - We are going to stay local this half term and just pop along to the local beach and parks for our exercise. Luckily we live close to both countryside and seaside. I feel like it is too early to be going long distances so the furthest we will be going is no more than 30 minutes away. Top spots for us are Barnes Park after 7pm (it is pretty busy during the day) Ryhope Beach (Where I grew Up) Silksworth Lakes within 10 minute walk from us and is perfect for letting off steam with a run on the athletics track.

Making Dens - Whenever we visit a National Trust property the boys always head to the den building section. Cragside and Gibside are fantastic for this, but we will be making use of chairs, tables and bed sheets for now.

Baking - The boys, especially Elliot, really love to help out in the kitchen. I love to bake so it is a great combination that seems to work pretty well. We have Cheesy Pretzels, Cheese twists, peanut butter cookies and some Hedgehog buns on the menu. I am pretty sure we will end up making cakes too. You can check out our recipes HERE

Movies! - We haven't had a proper movie night in a while so I am pretty sure this will be in our week. I'm not sure what movie we will watch (taking suggestions if anyone has any) We are pretty relaxed when it comes to age ratings although we don't let them go over 15s.(Adam & Toby) Elliot is usually ok with up to 12s. We are thinking of having a Disney+ Marathon.

Decorating - Painting the bedrooms will probably (hopefully) get done over the next week, the boys have chosen a mix of colours and Elliot wants a Gruffalo room painted me! What a challenge. Craig is going to see if he can either get into B&Q or Click and Collect some of the paint we need.

Video Chats - We are going to make a video chat with my nana! We have not seen her for over 9 weeks now and Elliot is finding it really hard as he is the closest to her.

Art and Craft day - The Arts cupboard has been topped up and ready to be used, so we will have a day full of crafts and painting. On the list is Wands, Mosaic Elephants, Tree paintings and Clay models.

What do you have planned for a slightly different May half term?



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