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July - Our Plans for the month ahead and dates for your diary.

It is now July! I think the year has gone by so quickly so far, I won't lie, I am quite looking forward to those cool crisp autumnal mornings. I have never been a huge fan of the summer months, mainly because I am a redhead and I burn way too easily. ( I have now found a sun cream which is fantastic and works!)

What's been happening

June has been and gone and the month was pretty busy. We had a camping trip to Yorkshire, visited some new places, had a few reviews booked in for the blog and we had an interview on BBC Newcastle radio.

We had lots of fun completing The Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild campaign and took most of our learning outdoors.

We have had some fab days out in June and made the most of the nice weather. We started watching Stranger things with Adam and Toby, we have only just jumped on the bandwagon, we are almost done with season 3, what a show!

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Check out some of the things we got up to in June (more on the blog)

We became ambassadors for Redcar and Cleveland, You can read all about our new roles in our post HERE.

The Garden

Our garden is currently in full bloom and I honestly just love sitting out there, listening to the birds and the scent you get from the flowers is amazing! Earlier in the year I decided to grow some goodies from seed. Being raised by my grandparents, who loved nothing more than to garden and grow their own, it most definitely rubbed off on me and now the boys. We have a vast amount of things growing Beetroot, Rhubarb, Potatoes, Beans, Peas, Lettuce, Radish, Strawberries, a huge amount of herbs, Raspberry tree and edible flowers. I also planted from seed loads of native flowers and plants to encourage pollinators into the garden. We have seen a massive increase in bird activity and over the month have seen pigeons, Tits, Wren, Sparrow, Robin, Magpie, Crow, Bullfinch and more! We made bug houses for the wall and now have 4 on the wall, which have seen solitary bees lay eggs and I've also seen a spider snuggling into the pinecones in the bug hotels. Speaking of wildlife we had a woodlice spider say hello which we had never seen before and learning all about spiders previously we just think they are amazing creatures. How amazing is that in our little spot of deliciousness. The hanging baskets are full of natives and in full bloom, when you go outside all you can smell is the flowers and it is one of the nicest most welcoming smells ever. I have started to make winter plans for the garden because I want to encourage wildlife all through the year so watch this space. We are thinking about adding a small water feature and will be making a bee bath in July.


We have a hectic month ahead of us, things are finally picking up for the blog and we have quite a few things in our diary already. Some of the things we have to look forward to are

Family skiing lessons, the circus and loads more (keep an eye on the FB page for more info or on the blog)

We are working with some fantastic businesses and tourism boards for the summer. We are passionate about supporting the UK tourism industry after the last rubbish year.

July in the garden, other than looking after what we already have and topping up the bird feeders, all we have planned is to make a bee bath this month. I might see if I can make something to hang it from the wall.

We are planning on the days we have a chance to decorate the house, starting with the living room, it is overdue and needs new life breathing into it.

Home Ed

July is the Summer Holidays for those who are in schools. We don't stick with term times in our Home Ed, but we will be reducing some of the work the boys do during July & August, so they can have a break and focus on their own interests. Adam will be entering his final year at college for his GCSEs and he really wants to focus on his grades and has his plans firmly set for when he finishes. During the summer holidays we will still be doing some work such as reading, Maths, Spellings, Handwriting and Adam will be doing some things to help him with his GCSEs.

All about Me!

It is my birthday this month! This year we are planning on an epic family adventure in September once the schools go back ( everywhere will be quieter) So we are just going to head out for a nice family day out, Craig is cooking me my favourite meal and then Adam and Toby are heading for induction into RAF cadets, which they are really looking forward to. I have been really productive throughout June and have gotten rid of some negative vibes that were hanging around, I have been working on my books which I am super excited about and one will be released soon. I have still been practising self care and meditating when I feel like I need to, been taking breaks when I need to and just learning to relax and not stress over things that mean zilch to me.

That is about it for now, July is just going to be a month of fun, day trips and making some awesome family memories to last a lifetime.

5 Movie releases for the kiddos over July

Boss Baby Family Business

Black Widow

The loneliest Whale

Space Jam A New Legacy


If like us you are superhero fans

The Flash, Supergirl and Legends of tomorrow is also back on tv ( SKY1)

Dates for the diary

4th Independence day (USA) we are going to have a mini party to celebrate

6th Frida Kahlo's birthday We are going to create some art work based on Frida's work

7th World Chocolate day I am sure we can eat some chocolate today! Learn about the history.

14th My 34th Birthday it is also Bastille day.

22nd National Marine week. We are going to learn more about marine life.

28th Beatrix Potters Birthday. My favourite Author, We are having a tea party to celebrate.

29th International Tiger Day. It is all about tigers today.

What are you up to in July? Do you have anything special planned for the holidays? Let me know.


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