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Ingram Valley - Our review of some tasty Lamb.

*We were recently kindly gifted some of Ingram Valley's delicious Lamb products. They sent us a leg of Lamb, two Lamb rump steaks and some Lamb mince.

What we made with the meat

We made some Moussaka with the Lamb mince but we used the Hairy bikers recipe for this.

Greek style slow cooker leg of Lamb with Greek style potatoes and Greek salad and we had the rump steaks as a treat with a sprinkle of mint and rosemary marinade and some greek style potatoes (we love them)

About Ingram Valley

Ingram Valley is located in the beautiful Cheviot hills and was the first Planet mark certified farm on the planet! How cool is that. In 1949 The Wilson family arrived on the farm and have worked the land ever since, farming sheep, cattle and Deer.The Wilsons work extremely hard to protect the valleys rich history and landscape which was scheduled as an ancient monument. The largest in England with 1,300 Acres of land. I love reading about the archaeological finds!

The livestock is free range and grass fed with a diet of wild plants bursting with medicinal properties.

The sheep include Texel Cross and they have Mutton and Hogget Lamb on request.The cattle are a mix of pure and cross bred Aberdeen Angus which are hardy breeds. Perfect for those hills! Native Red Deer have made a return here too, now as we lived in the Scottish Borders for a while, we were lucky enough to see some Red Deer now and then and they are just magnificent ( and huge)!

You can visit the local area with various walks and cycling opportunities and you can visit Breamish River, which is on our list of things to do. The area is also a Dark Sky Park which is just so pretty and you will be amazed at how much you can actually see at night.

Keep an eye out for Curlews, Dippers, Salmon, Squirrels and lots more. ( We spotted an Eagle Owl in the cheviot area Summertime 2019.

So what did we think of the meat?

The meat is of the highest quality and you really do taste the difference. I have always said with various things you get what you pay for. In this case you get quality, delicious meat. The leg of lamb was divine and the mix of lemon and mint really worked with the meat. The lamb wasn't too fatty which is one of the problems I find with supermarket meats.

You can purchase a range Beef, Lamb and Venison and there is also an option to purchase Bags, Books, Candles and Tea towels.

We highly recommend Ingram Valley Farm and we will definitely be ordering in the future.



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