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Ideas for St Valentine’s day when you have kids

Ideas for St Valentine’s day – Romance can be tricky when you have little people that you created running around. We don’t really celebrate St Valentine’s anymore, unfortunately it has become another over commercialised holiday.

I used to quite like Valentines day, and would surprise Craig when he got home from work with a nice meal and a romantic evening. Then when the big store chains started throwing it in your face for months before, it gets to the point for me where I am just sick of the sight of it. We like to have mini day dates throughout the year instead.

Having kids can make the things that you took for granted as a couple difficult, we try to involve our kids in as much as we can. I want the boys to experience life and involving them in stuff is a great way to do it. It is also a great lesson to teach to the kiddies that just because everyone else is doing it does not mean they have to feel pressured into taking part.

On St Valentines we like to have a nice family meal with no screens and just chat, followed by some family time playing games and just enjoy being in each others company. Once the boys go to bed, Craig and I like to just settle down with a box of nice chocolates under a blanket watching a movie. Spending quality time together with no screens is important especially for your mental health.

Other Ideas for a family Valentines.

Go to the beach – Yes it is usually cold this time of year, but you can wrap up warm and have a nice picnic whilst you watch the waves dance. Have an experience day – you can choose from so many now there is bound to be something that your family can enjoy together. Short family getaway – Visit a romantic city together, sight see, try the local food. Verona is amazing! Pamper day – Have a pamper day for the whole family. Go see a show at the local theatre – Catch a show, grab some food and just be together. Go for a nice walk – forage goodies and then have an arty afternoon followed by yummy food and a movie. Cook Together – Cooking together is something that I absolutely love to do and can create long lasting memories. You could cook as a family or even take a class.

If you want to celebrate Valentines just the two of you, then get a babysitter for the night, go for a fancy meal together and get a hotel room. You could Cook together and then have a nice sensual massage. Happy St Valentine’s.



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