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How to make dairy free Ice cream.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We all love Ice cream right? But also all know someone that has a dairy intolerance. Me, I have a dairy intolerance but a strange one, I can eat small amounts of dairy but thats my limit for a few days. I used to love Ice Cream but when I started to get ill, I got panicky about food and if it would make me feel poorly. We started to experiment with making dairy free Ice cream and this was my favourite. I have never ever been a fan of plain vanilla Ice cream. As I go on this whole cutting dairy completely journey I will be experimenting more with flavours.


2 vanilla pods 1 400g tin Coconut milk 400ml Hazelnut milk (you can use soya or other dairy free milks) 170g Honey 2 fresh lavender springs or you can use lavender essence (2 tbsp)


This is without a machine. Half the pods and scrape out the goodness, add to a bowl. Seperate the little lavender flowers from the springs and then add everything else to the bowl along with the bits from the lavender. You could try adding a little food colouring to make it even more spectacular.

Mix well, scraping the sides of the bowl to ensure the mixture is evenly mixed. Once you get everything mixed pour it all into a freezable container and freeze for 5 hours. You will need to give it a mix every hour.




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