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Hello November! Our monthly check in

Hello November! I am so so happy that it is now the start of the festive months. I have so much planned with the boys and Craig and I am really looking forward to just having a lovely Festive time. So what are our plans for this month... To be honest lots of Christmas planning throughout November. I like to get stuff done so we can enjoy December.

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Number one on my list is to complete our Christmas shopping. I like to have it all done, wrapped and sorted before December so we can enjoy full festive programme in December.

Christmas baking and making.

I know it's only November but we love to bake and cook and we are planning on baking things like Mince pies (we already made a batch but the boys ate them!), our Christmas yule log and maybe some other festive goodies. What do you like to make?

Christmas Cards

We don't actually do Christmas cards now. It is just a waste in my eyes and not necessary. Instead family members get out previous cards from years gone by and they display those instead. We don't display any I don't like clutter.

Christmas Decorations

We are going to get our decorations out and sort through what we have for this year. I like to put the decorations up back end of November but we may be early this year for some extra Christmas cheer.


Every year we visit our favourite garden centre and let the boys choose a Christmas bauble. We love this tradition and it is one that myself and Craig did growing up (same garden centre and everything!)

Day trips

We do have some PR worked booked for November but I have not had time to plan our days out yet for this month. Watch this space. ! I plan on having many epic festive adventures.

What has been happening in October.

The Bad Bit

Ok, so in October it wasn't a very good month at all. In June my Dad found out he had Terminal Cancer. Kidney, Liver & Lung cancer to be exact. He had been waiting to receive treatment but for whatever reason the NHS had, he never even got that far. He had been in for a Scan on the Tuesday and was told he had major internal bleeding and that he would need to stay in hospital, my dad being the stubborn dad he was, discharged himself so he could go home to watch the Sunderland match. Half way through the match he started to bleed out. He was rushed to hospital and that is where he stayed. He had 4 blood transfusions but it wasn't working so he was moved to ward B26 - End of Life care. Exactly a week later on the 10/10 at 10.30pm he passed away.

We were all expecting it sooner rather than later, but it had all happened so quickly, especially after he was told he would more than likely still be here for Christmas. We had his funeral which went well and lots of people turned up for it. We have just been helping my mam and my younger sister who is only 12 with getting into a new normal routine without him.

Half term fun - We have done quite a bit for half term including Alpaca walking, Visiting Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, Ryedale Folk Museum, Eden Camp, Pumpkin picking, Life centre, Conjuring at the castle, High Force Waterfall and my absolute favourite of October North Yorkshire Moors Railway Light Spectacular. We have had a great time spending some time with family and reflecting on what's important.

Dates for the diary


Enola Holmes 2 - 4th November

Wednesday - 23rd November

Whole Month: Movember

1st November: World Vegan Day

3rd November: World Sandwich Day

5th November: Guy Fawkes Night

8th November

11th November: Armistices Day

13th November: Remembrance Sunday

19th November: International Men’s Day

21st November: FIFA World Cup 2022

24th November: Thanksgiving (USA)

26th November: Small Business Saturday

27th November: First day of Advent

28th November: Cyber Monday

30th November: St Andrew’s Day

Full Moon - 8th November, Constellation of the month is Andromeda

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