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Gift Guide ~ Dogs Edition gift ideas Blogmas Day 7

Gift Guide ~ Dog’s edition ~ I wanted to do a gift guide ideas for those special pawfect friends in your life. Dogs are a big part of my life, I have always had a dog whether that was growing up or since I have been with Craig. Craig is the same too and has always had a dog in the family.

We wanted the boys to have that special bond with a pet that we had when we were a child. Summer and Iris deserve a little treat from Santa Paws too. So I have gathered up some fabulous Gift Ideas for those gorgeous guys and gals.

So, what can you get your Dog that they will appreciate as much as the piece of cheese you give for a treat?

Gift Ideas

  1. Collar ~ Give them some bling they can show off and have all the others look at them with green eyes. Check this beaut from Mutts & Hounds England

  2. Teddy ~ Summer absolutely adores a good teddy to snuggle into (she doesn’t even destroy them!) Cute Plush from Pet Planet

  3. Bed ~ Every dog needs a great big comfy bed. Look at this! Pets at home

  4. Treats ~ You can buy some fantastic treats from loads of places now but why don’t you try making some? Check out My homemade Dog treats HERE

  5. Winter Coat ~ Some little ones and some big ones need that extra warmth in Winter. super cute from Amazon

  6. Grooming ~ How about a trip to the groomers?

  7. Puzzle Toys ~ Perfect for Iris our Border Collie who is always on the go and getting into mischief! Zooplus have some great toys to choose from.

  8. Christmas day Turkey! The ultimate gift in the eyes of a dog. Meat! I don’t give either of our dogs any bones of any kind fresh, cooked even rawhide just too dangerous. Keep some from your Christmas dinner.

  9. Love ~ The most important gift to A dog is Love. They will love you unconditionally no matter what so imagine what you get back from them when you love them too.

Have a fantastic Christmas!



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