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DAY 1 Blogtober, What is it and what to expect from me. Ideas and Special October dates to remember.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I took up the challenge last year to take part in Blogtober. I challenged myself to post on a regular basis ( Everyday ) the whole month of October. It may sound crazy, but I honestly really enjoyed the challenge.

What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is a challenge that quite a lot of bloggers & vloggers set themselves for the month of October. The challenge is to create new content for the full 31 days of October! I did this last year and I think I only missed a few days due to life!

There are no official rules to follow, you don’t have to post everyday if you don’t want to.

I want to blog on a more regular basis, but life always seems to get in the way. I want to be more consistent with my blogging and now that other life challenges are out of the way for good I can now focus on my blog.

My Ideas and what my schedule is.

So this year I have scheduled some of my posts to make sure I don’t miss any days. I now home educate all three of my children so as you can imagine some days are hectic.

I am going to try and stick to the below schedule but some things may change. I also like to post more than once a day so I will be taking part with Blogtober and occasionally will be posting something that has nothing to do with October.

My posts for 2019

1.Intro to Blogtober and My schedule 2.Ideas for a cosy night in with and without kids 3.Cookies! 4.Pumpkin Carving Ideas 5. Halloween Games and Decor ideas to make with the kids 6.Food Hacks for Halloween parties 7.Netflix October 8.Autumn Candles, my favourites 9. Autumn Lookbook 10. Favourite Autumn photos so far 11.Autumn Home Ed ideas 12. Slow Cooker Recipe 13. Why I love October 14. Throwback to a Halloween event 15. Kid friendly Halloween movies 16 Halloween movies to watch when the kids are in bed. 17.Our favourite pet Halloween costumes 18.Spiced Apple pie recipe 19.What my kids like about Autumn 20.Hot Chocolate recipe 21.My favourite Sweaters 22.Pumpkin Soup recipe 23.A ghost story. 24.Kids Costume ideas for 2019 25.Pet Costumes 26.Haunted Scotland, the best places to visit. 27.Kids Spooky Stories, our favourite books 28.Pumpkin Farms in Scotland 29.Halloween traditions 30. Why I want to spend Halloween in Salem. 31.Trick or treat.

I will most likely not stick to posting in that order but those are my ideas for 2019. I like to keep it focused on Autumn or Halloween as October is all about both!.

Don’t forget these special dates…

World animal day October 4th Grandparents Day October 6th It’s National Curry week starting October 7th National Baking Week Starts October 14th Diwali begins October 25th (UK) with the main day being October 27th.

Have a fabulous October and don’t forget to join me on Instagram for my October Challenge.Find out more HERE

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