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Covid friendly October half term - Things to do this Halloween

Half term is almost here for most people, everything is unknown right now and obviously Halloween just isn't going to be the same this year. Some people we know are a little worried about travelling to have days out so we have come up with a few ideas which should hopefully give some people ideas on what they can do either at home or local.

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Woodland walk


Watch Halloween movies (all family friendly in our list)


Play traditional Halloween games or make your own https://www.northeastfamilyadventures.com/post/traditional-halloween-games-you-can-play-with-your-family-blogtober-day-13

Make Pumpkin soup


Pumpkin carving ideas


Make Toffee Apples


Make a Graveyard cake


Visit a covid friendly local event.


You could also:

*Get the art supplies out and make some Halloween decorations

*Head out on a mushroom hunt. (Please don't touch any they can be toxic)

*Make leaf lanterns

*Autumn Nature Hunt

*Get the facepaints out

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