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Blogtober day 5 – 10 Halloween decorations & Games to make with the kids.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

We love to get the art supplies out and make some mess, I have always made sure to keep a well stocked art supplies cupboard for the boys. All three love to paint and make something out of nothing. As parents, Craig and I always love to see what they come up with.

We like to make some of our own Halloween decorations and even some games too. October is just all about Halloween to us and we love it!


  1. Pom pom garland or even hanging pom pom spiders. We cheat and use a pom pom maker (you can buy these pretty cheap)

  2. Banners. You have to have a Happy Halloween banner! So why don’t you make one. We made some mini ones on sticks last year. You could make a huge one from bedsheets!

  3. A dead body. Now I know this might scare some kids but a few years ago we made a dead body to go in the garden and it was so effective. All we did was tape some plastic bottles together to get the arm and leg length and then stuff the rest out with newspaper. Then we placed in a black bag.

  4. Tissue Ghosts. So simple but look so great, all you do is screw some tissue up into ball and tie with some ribbon then draw a face onto it.

  5. Paper spiderwebs. Get some cutting going and cut out some spider webs to hang everywhere. You can even get the kids to cover them in silver glitter like a real spider web!

5 games to make for Halloween

  1. Milk carton skittle ghosts. Bit of paint and you are set to go. Fill them with water to make it more difficult to knock them down.

  2. What’s in the bowl? We do this every year and the kids love it! 6 plastic reusable bowls, some slime, fake eyeballs, fake fingers, fake rib cage etc

  3. Mini pinatas. Use up those toilet paper tubes and create some amazing mini pinatas. All you need to do is wrap them in tissue paper and stuff them with some little treats.

  4. Pumpkin Golf. Carve pumpkins with different expressions and set up your own mini golf course, LOTS OF FUN!

  5. Feed the monster. If you have a decent sized cardboard box lying around then you have to do feed the monster. Paint it, stick things to it, just create a monster but make sure it has a decent opening for the mouth, then the kiddos have to do is see if you can get those fake eyeballs in the mouth.

Halloween can be fun for all ages, make some memories that will last a lifetime and get arty with your kids.



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