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An A-Z of me

I saw a few people posting A-Zs recently and thought it looked like a fun quick way for the readers to get to know a little bit more about me.

So here is mine.

A- Adam, our first born. The one that changed my whole world for the better.

B - Books, I love to read and I think the smell of old books is heaven.

C - Craig, My husband, best friend, wouldn't be with him.

D- Dogs, I love dogs, always been surrounded by them and now have two.

E - Elliot, Our last born, my shadow, our crackerjack.

F - Family, one of the most important things to me.

G- Gardening, I love to be in the garden I love to Grow my own veggies.

H- Hedgehogs, My favourite animals. Used to rescue them with my grandad when I was little.

I- Iris, our crazy flubber of a Border Collie. Shes called Flubber because she piled weight on after her spay.

J- Jumpers (Wooly) Nothing beats being snug.

K- Kelly, after all it's an A-Z of me.

L- Lists, I am obsessed with writing and creating lists.

M-Money, or lack off. Pretty much everyone right now.

N- Notebooks, I am obsessed. I have lots of notebooks. I still want more though.

O- Outdoors, I love to be outdoors exploring.

P- Purple, my favourite colour. My teenage years everything was purple or black. (Goth stage).

Q- Quotes, I like to share my favourites with everyone.

R- Redhead, one of the things that stands out the most. My red hair.

S- Summer, our romanian rescue that has been with us 6 years. My bff.

T- Toby, our middle child, always has us laughing, absolute cracker.

U- Under ripe bananas, I absolutely hate them.

V- Volvos, Yes you read that right. Wouldn't be without a trusty old volvo.

W- Writing, I love to write.

X- Xrays, I have a bone condition which results in dislocations and breaks. I must glow green by now.

Y- Yellow, my second favourite colour. It reminds me of Summer and its generally a happy colour.

Z- ZOOs, I love to visit Zoos and see the great work the guys and gals do to help keep those beautiful animals safe.

There you have and A-Z of Me. Why don't you give it ago and share with me your A-Z



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