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15 years together! My husband is still my best friend. Blogtober day 14

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Craig and I are celebrating our 15th anniversary today. 15 years ago today, we finally got together. It’s 15 years together and 7 years married in total. He’s truly my soulmate, best friend, and generally my most favourite person in the world. We are more solid than we have ever been and I believe that is mainly because of some recent changes that we’ve made to our lives, definitely for the better. The slowing down and enjoying our boys, enjoying our lives without the crazy stress we once had. Travelling and just loving one another seems to work for us.

Our quick story

To cut a long story short, we first met through mutual friends when I was 17 and Craig was 23. We didn’t get together straight away. It took a few weeks of chasing each other around a local nightclub that had a weekly rock night. I eventually just walked up to him, kissed him and then hid in the toilets! How lame was that? After that it just fell into place I guess. We were inseparable from the start and moved into our own flat after only a few months when I was 17. Then when I was almost 19, I was pregnant with Adam. The day my life changed forever, for the better. Then Toby and Elliot came along and completed us and made our lives even better!

In 2006, not long after Adam was born, I was diagnosed with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I hated myself I didn’t want to step foot outside because all I saw was an actual whale sized person staring back at me when I looked in the mirror, I began to hate everything about myself. What caused it was I went from being fairly slim to overweight, due to complications in my pregnancy involving my hips, meaning all I did was rest. (and eat) I went from a dress size 12/14 – 18 in a few months, but I felt like I had gone up 20 dress sizes. That is what BDD does to your mind. I would cover my face in a stick of concealer to hide my freckles and I dyed my hair religiously to hide the fact that I was ginger! With lots of love and encouragement, mainly from Craig, I finally stopped plastering make up on my face and I entered a state of mind where I now just don’t care what other people think of my body anymore. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without him.

We had plans to get married but it never happened, it was just something we talked about for years but life always seemed to get in the way. Then after my grandad “Dad” died in 2011, we decided that it was now or never. I didn’t want a big wedding, not now that my grandad was no longer here. We had an intimate gathering of a few family members and it was followed by a meal and then a night out. It was perfect.

Skip forward to now and 15 years later we are still together, happy and just living our best lives. We moved to Scotland in 2016 and it was what we needed. We needed a new normal. The city life was taking its toll on us as a family and we all actually hated living in the city. The move was definitely what we needed. We all prefer the countryside, especially Summer the dog, she loves having fields to run around like an idiot!

Yep we do have some arguments, who doesn’t? It’s only about silly things like dishes or me telling him to stop leaving his socks in the middle of the floor. (GRRRRR) Craig really is my best friend and I wouldn’t be without him. He is the best dad to the boys and an amazing Husband. What’s best is he gets my weirdness.

I love you lots Happy Got Together 15 years ago anniversary!

“Our Song”

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