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13 Ideas for family fun nights.

We try to have at least one night per week for family fun night. We aim to have at least one night in the month where we just stay home. We try to add as much variety as possible to suit the budget.

I have always believed that you should make the time to spend with your family and cherish those moments, before the kids get too cool to hang out with mum & dad.

It doesn't have to be expensive, you can do things for free or really cheap, all that I do ask of you is you have fun and make memories!

Living in the countryside has its challenges but we still manage to find things to do.

Some ideas for family fun night could include

1) Cinema night - we aim to catch a movie once a month but it does depend on what is on at that time.

2) The Arcades - the boys love spending time in the arcades on those 2p machines that you win those little tacky keyrings from.

3) Laser Quest - our closest is over an hour away so we don't do this a lot but when we do they boys always have loads of fun.

4) Camping, light a fire and tell stories - Even if you camp in your back garden get outside and camp!

5) Stargazing - We are very lucky to live where we do, and on a clear night the stars are amazing!

6) Ice skating - Ice skating is something that has been a part of my life since I was 11 years old. Every day after school I would be there. The boys enjoyed it when they went which made me very happy!

7) Nature walk / Bike ride - Again we live in the countryside so we have quite a lot of wonderful nature trails we can go on.

8) Bowling - another favourite of the boys that they get from Craig.

9) Seaside walk followed by Fish & Chips finished with Ice Cream - We have quite a few gorgeous beaches not to far away (30 mins in the car).

10) Games night - This is one of the staying in options, the boys have so many board games so it's always a great night.

11) Movie Marathon - another staying in option is movie marathon night with snacks and snuggles.

12) Museums - Our local museum offers night time specials quite often and as a family of museum lovers it's perfect!

13) Formal night - Nice restaurant & Theatre, not something we do often as my kids are not the nice restaurant type ha!

You could do so many things to spend good quality time together, I love family night!

What do you like doing to make memories?

Kelly X



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