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10 Ways to Keep kids active during winter. Blogmas day 8

10 Ways to Keep kids active during winter. ~ Keeping kids active this winter. As the Winter months start to settle in, it becomes nature for us to want to stay indoors.

I know that if I just let my boys do whatever they wanted during Winter,they would more than likely spend most of the day on consoles. Over the years we figured out a way that suits everyone. Now I am not saying that you have to be outdoors all the time because I love having a lazy day snuggled up on the sofa keeping warm. We love having a movie day when the weather is poor outside and a tasty Hot Chocolate on hand too.

10 Ideas to keep kids active during Winter

  1. Visit the local park. We love to visit various parks and I actually enjoy foraging too luckily the boys have learned along the way what is safe to pick and what’s not. You can find foraging books cheap online.

  2. Outdoor games. Set up some Winter games outdoors and watch them spend hours laughing and having fun

  3. Swimming technically it’s not outdoors but it is a great way to keep active and kids love swimming.

  4. Ice skating. The perfect festive activity and it is so much fun too.

  5. If it has been snowing you could try and build an Igloo.

  6. Skiing. There are loads of indoor and outdoor skiing centres for you to try.

  7. Go Bowling. Bowling is always tons of fun and it keeps them active.

  8. Snow Fun. Make snowmen and have a snowball fight you can also make snow angels.

  9. Go Sledging. If you are lucky enough to get snow,take the kids sledging they will have hours of fun.

  10. You could wrap up warm and go to the beach, see what goodies you can find and then make something for them.

10 Ways to Keep kids active during winter.

Winter forest walk with my boys.



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